• THE NEAHTAWANTA Resort Hotel closed today for the season after breakfast. Several families occupying cottages stayed on for the rest of the month. Manager Fred S. Cummings reports that a number of lots have been sold for next year and half a dozen new cottages will be erected by private parties.
  • MR. AND Mrs. Prokop Kyselka returned Tuesday from a month’s trip to Bohemia from which country Mr. Kyselka came and settled here in the early days of the town and opened his grocery store.
  • NOW IS the time to prepare for winter washing by equipping yourself with one of our bench or tub wringers. They contain the best rubber and material all the way through. A washing machine would save much rubbing and keep the hands out of the water part of the time. See our line of boilers and wash tubs at Prokop Kyselka, Grocer, corner of Front and Cass Streets.
  • NOW IS the time of year to remove stumps and dynamite is the best thing to remove them with. It blows the stump out of the ground and breaks it up so that it is easily handled. Frank Trude’s, “The Farmer’s Store”, sells the famous “Ajax” Dynamite, the most powerful blasting powder made for stumps and stones.
  • THE RECORD Eagle, on several occasions, has emphasized the importance of the enforcement of the state law regarding the destruction of the noxious weeds, especially the rag weed. Victims of hay fever have petitioned a campaign in Detroit to enforce the law regarding the destruction of the noxious weed along highways and in cities. People who do not suffer from the affliction do not take the matter seriously, but need to.
  • FRIDAY EVENING, on the shores of East Bay, the teachers of Oak Park School had a pleasant social gathering. A bountiful supper was held under the pines. This was their first outing of the year. Male teachers served as chefs for this event.

Compiled by Cathy Griffin of the Traverse Area Historical Society in collaboration with the Traverse Area District Library.

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