• THE CITY Turkish bath parlors in the rear of the Cass street engine house, were used last night to house John Graham, who was charged by the police with being drunk and disorderly. Graham was taken before Judge Nerlinger today and fined $5 and costs of $3.75, or 10 days in jail. He is serving time.
  • ON SUNDAY, July 3, the Pere Marquette will bring an excursion to this city from Grand Rapids, Muskegon and also the Saginaw division. Baseball, Traverse City vs. Cadillac is a significant line in the advertising.
  • THE PEOPLE of Traverse City are being approached by a representative of a land exploration concern for the sale of certain lots in Florida. Similar projects have been presented to the people of Traverse City in previous years and in many cases the deals have been very unsatisfactory and the returns practically worthless. It is suggested by prominent business men who have had experience along this line that those who are approached give the propositions, presented to them a thorough investigation before investing their money or signing contracts.
  • THE DEATH by drowning of Thos. Thompson, the South Manitou Mail carrier, last week, while endeavoring to rescue his little son, was one of the saddest affairs the history of this country has had to record. Mr. Thompson, was one of the finest young men the region ever produced, of kindly nature and disposition. He was a gentleman in every sense of the word. His many friends deplore his untimely taking off and extend their deepest sympathy to the stricken wife and family. His funeral was a very large one, a number attending from the mainland and other islands as well as from abroad. The floral offerings were many and very beautiful. Sleep peacefully sleep dear son, husband, father, brother and friends.
  • The angels guard you beyond. Your death is made glorious in that your life was given for one whom to you was so dear and whom you loved so well.
  • R. MCMANUS was slightly injured last evening and his pop corn stand somewhat damaged by the automobile owned by Fred Federspiel, the machine skidding and running into the stand. Mr. Federspiel, in making an attempt to avoid a collision with a rig turned his machine quickly, but the emergency brakes did not keep the machine from skidding. The rig which he turned for was followed close by another, which crowded the machine well up to the curb, and when the machine skidded, it got mixed up with the pop corn stand.
  • Ne-ah-ta-wanta will have the best boat service of its history this season, the steamer Fanny M. Rose making two trips a day from Ne-ah-ta-wanta to Traverse City, the steamer Lena Knobloch touching there at 9:30 a. m. and reaching here at 11 a. m. and leaving Traverse City at 2 p. m., reaching Ne-ah-ta-wanta at 3:15 p. m. on the return trip. When parties desire to visit the north, the steamer Chequamegon will also touch at Ne-ah-ta-wanta on the days she goes to Charlevoix. This boat service will not only be a great convenience to the Ne-ah-ta-wanta resorters but to the local people who deside [sic] to visit as well.
  • HARRY LANGWORTHY, who was called to the city a short time ago by the death of his father, brought with him a bride from the west, the marriage having taken place in the spring, and was the culmination of a hospital romance. The bride was Miss Irene Hallas, of Helena, Mont., and she nursed Mr. Langworthy through typhoid fever at the St. Petersburgh hospital. When Mr. Langworthy recovered his health, through the skillful nursing of Miss Hallas, he decided that he would like to take care of her the rest of his life. The marriage was the sequel.
  • PATROLMAN SCHNEIDER, who is looking after the sanitary condition of the city as present reports considerable progress in the work especially in the residence districts. However, the property owners along the north side of Front street are not cleaning up as they should along the river bank and conditions there are unsatisfactory. As fast as possible notices are being served.
  • JOHN CLARKE, who resides on East Eighth street, was arrested yesterday upon complaint of John Heuss, charged with using obscene, vulgar, profane and insulting language. He was taken before Judge Nerlinger, and taxed a fine of $5 and costs of $3.75, or 10 days in jail. Not having any desire to go behind bars, Clarke came across with the necessary $8.75.
  • THE REGATTA committee met Saturday night and made out a tentative program for the two days of water sports. August 4 and 5 were the dates selected and it is expected that there will be a large number of motor boats and also sailing craft here at that time. Final details will be settled at a meeting this week.
  • MAMMOTH STRAWBERRIES are on exhibition at the First National bank, the berries having been raised by Charles Oleson of R. F. D. No. 1. Mr. Oleson has his beds so arranged that he can irrigate a portion of them so that the drouth is not worrying him.
  • SHERIFF SHUTER received a wire last night from the officials at Lapeer, stating that they had arrested a woman named Mrs. Nora Hill, on a charge of horse stealing. Sheriff Shuter believes this is the woman who made a getaway with a horse and buggy belonging to Brodhagen’s livery barn a short time ago, the rig being recovered near Cadillac. Sheriff Shuter left at 6 o’clock this morning for Lapeer, to bring the woman back with him. It is said that she is accompanied by a 3 year old child.

Compiled by Cathy Griffin at the Traverse Area Historical Society in collaboration with the Traverse Area District Library.

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