HONOR — Police searched a bullet hole-riddled cabin near Honor and found Adrienne Evelyn Quintal’s purse, cellphone and handgun.

But they didn’t find Quintal, even after searching the area with K-9 units and thermal cameras, according to a Benzie County Sheriff’s Office release. The office released a timeline of what happened on Oct. 17 in hopes of finding Quintal. That’s the day the 47-year-old Detroit-area woman called a family friend in Warren and told them she was involved in a shoot-out.

Benzie County Sheriff Ted Schendel said the case is “very unusual,” and investigators have a few theories for what happened, including the possibility she was abducted.

Quintal made the call at 2:34 a.m., and told the friend she had shot one man in the face and was trading shots with another, according to the release. She asked the friend to call the police, which the friend did at 2:42 a.m.

Schendel said a search of her phone records revealed Quintal’s call to her friend was the third she tried to make.

“Most people, if they’re fighting for their lives and there’s shooting going on, you’d think they’d go directly to 911 and wait for the cavalry to arrive,” he said. “But that didn’t happen.”

Benzie County Sheriff’s deputies and Michigan State Police troopers got to an Indian Hill Road cabin at 3:15 a.m. that day, after the caller initially sent them to the wrong address, according to the release. They found several bullet holes in the cabin window, searched around the cabin and set up a perimeter before making a forced entry — no one was inside.

Police got a search warrant, and MSP Crime Lab personnel found spent bullet casings among other evidence, according to the release.

They found no blood or other signs of an injured person, and it looked as though several shots were fired from inside of the cabin out.

Schendel said there were a few more bullet holes, one in the ceiling and another by the door. Those, too, appeared to be from the inside out, although investigators aren’t sure about one, he said.

Quintal’s cellphone was atop the cabin mud room’s roof, which can be easily accessed from inside, Schendel said. A pair of boots were up there, too. Her handgun was found outside, and Schendel said it appears to have been fired — forensics tests haven’t confirmed this yet.

A neighbor told police they heard gunshots early that morning, but didn’t believe they heard a shoot-out, Schendel said.

Schendel said he didn’t initially release the information because he didn’t believe the public was in danger, and wanted it withheld while interviewing people.

Plans are to search the area with cadaver dog teams, Schendel said. They were called off Saturday because of the weather.

“We’re going to look for another opportunity when the weather breaks and bring it back,” he said.

Schendel is asking the public for help locating Quintal, who goes by Ada and is described as a 5-foot, 7-inch tall, 125-pound woman with brown hair and brown eyes. Call Benzie County Central Dispatch at 231-882-4487 or the MSP Silent Observer at 1-866-774-2345.


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