TRAVERSE CITY — A man landed in the emergency room after investigators say he went for an unlit late-night moped ride.

The 30-year-old Traverse City man was driving north on Keystone Road just after 11 p.m. Monday when a Ford Focus drew near behind him. The Focus rammed the moped from behind, according to Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Randy Fewless — its 35-year-old driver, also from Traverse City, told deputies he had no idea the moped was there. Deputies noted the moped sported no operating lights.

“The guy in back just didn’t see him and ran into him,” Fewless said.

The mostly straight, 55-mile-speed-limit stretch, just north of Hoch Road, is not well lit.

The crash left the 30-year-old with moderate — “B level” — injuries, according to Fewless, and he was taken to Munson Medical Center for treatment. A crash report notes the man wasn’t wearing a helmet.

The driver of the Focus wasn’t hurt.

Reports listed no citations given for the crash, Fewless said. Deputies on the scene noted “disabling damage” to the man’s moped.

“It was not drivable,” Fewless said.

Mopeds are street-legal as long as registered, he added.

“But you’ve gotta have lights on it,” Fewless said.

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