Nickerson Towing workers remove a U.S. Postal Service semitruck from a South Garfield Road ditch Saturday morning. 

TRAVERSE CITY — South Garfield Road closed Saturday morning following a two-vehicle slip-n-slide. 

Blair Township Fire Chief Bill Parker said it went like this: car, ditch, Ward Eaton Towing truck, U.S. Postal Service truck, Cherryland Electric power pole, ditch, Nickerson Towing. 

At 4:30 a.m. Saturday the driver of a sedan went off the road and into the ditch just south of the South Garfield and Potter roads intersection. Ward Eaton responded.

As the sedan was being extracted, the driver of a U.S. mail semitruck traveling through the same intersection swerved and came to rest in the same ditch, but not before hitting a Cherryland power pole. 

No injuries were reported.

Gesturing toward the area's open fields, Parker said if any customers were without power, it wasn't too many. 

Nickerson Towing had two trucks on scene to pull the semi back onto the road. Cherryland Electric workers were on scene, replacing the pole. 

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