KINGSLEY — A man landed in the back of a patrol car Thursday after picking a fight in the Kingsley Public Library’s parking lot.

But first, the 20-year-old Kingsley resident led police on an hour-plus chase.

Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Department deputies responded to a call — made by the man’s accuser, a 20-year-old Grawn man — around 6:40 p.m.

The caller told deputies he’d spotted the suspect during a shopping trip at Kingsley’s Northland Foods, and due to a history with the Kingsley man, bounced and made for the local library in an effort to avoid him, said Acting Lt. Chris Oosse.

The accuser chatted with friends in the library’s parking lot when the Kingsley man showed up, Oosse added, having followed from the grocery.

A brief fight ensued and then the Kingsley man took off on foot.

Deputies made chase.

“He was spotted near the water tower and then ran into the woods,” Oosse said. “We had a K-9 on the scene try to do a track.”

The dog — K-9 unit Janke — and deputies searched the woods and tracked the man west near the Grand Traverse Rural Fire Department, and then north near the Kingsley Inn.

“When we do a canine track, we try to get two to three deputies in a loose perimeter covering main roads,” Oosse said. “So someone comes up to a road, there’s a police car, they back up, giving time for the canine to catch up.”

A deputy spotted the man running down Jonathan Lane and ran after him, eventually chasing him down in a subdivision just north of town, Oosse said.

They arrested the man on charges of assault and resisting and obstructing police, he added.

The Grawn man declined medical attention and Oosse had no further details on his injuries.