KINGSLEY — Deputies arrested a man for drunk driving Sunday afternoon — but not before he drove into two fences, fought with police and was shocked with a Taser.

The 40-year-old Suttons Bay man landed in the back of a cruiser around 7 p.m. after witnesses called 911 to report an erratic driver through downtown Kingsley.

They spotted the driver run the car off Brownson Avenue into the front lawn of a Subway, where he crashed into a fence, according to Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Department Lt. Chris Oosse.

The driver then backed up and made it onto the road before turning around on a side street and heading the opposite direction, south. Witnesses followed him to M 113, Oosse said, where they saw him run off the road a second time and hit a fence in front of Evergreen Cemetery.

He managed not to damage any gravestones, but left a significant portion of his car’s undercarriage wrapped up in the destroyed fence before again driving off, this time toward Northland Foods Center, Oosse said. Witnesses lost sight of the car in the grocery’s parking lot.

Deputies tracked him down shortly after, subduing the man after he resisted arrest and eventually shocking him with a Taser, according to Oosse.

He refused a PBT and was taken to Munson Medical Center for a blood test, Oosse said.

“Nobody was hurt, the officer wasn’t hurt,” Oosse said.

The driver is currently lodged in Grand Traverse County’s jail awaiting charges. Those could include operating under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident and resisting and obstructing police, Oosse said.

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