KINGSLEY — A man landed in the back of a cruiser Sunday morning after investigators say he asked “Why” — or rather, painted it on the street in front of his subdivision home.

Neighbors of the Kingsley man called 911 just after 10 a.m. to report the odd sight — the 53-year-old, paint in hand, scrawling the word “Why” on the concrete of Nightingale Lane in front of their homes, according to Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Department Lt. Chris Oosse.

“He was painting the word ‘Why,’” Oosse said. “I don’t know why.”

The small subdivision sits just south of downtown Kingsley near the Civic Center South Park.

Deputies responded and arrested the man — who blew a 0.35 on a preliminary breath test, Oosse said — on suspicion of malicious destruction of property. A blood alcohol level of 0.3 often renders one unconscious, according to American Addiction Centers, and a BAC higher than 0.4 can result in death.

The man is currently being housed in Grand Traverse County’s jail.

The case will be reviewed by the Grand Traverse County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for charges.

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