Gwizdz' Gadgets and Gear: The Big Dipper

Build a better mousetrap ... but what about a better slush scoop?

The Big Dipper is that. It features a 30-inch hockey-stick style ash handle and a deep strainer that is capable of removing more than a quart of ice shards at a time. Its plastic strainer is heavy-duty enough that you can use it to hammer out the skim ice that forms so rapidly on those cold days.

The Big Dipper eliminates the need to bend over to clear your holes, but it’s too large for holes that are less than 7 inches in diameter. (The company also makes a Little Dipper for those who use smaller diameter augers.)

They are not cheap (I’ve seen them advertised for anywhere from $15 to $25) but you could save long-term if you fumble it at the hole — it floats. — Bob Gwizdz

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