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TRAVERSE CITY — Grand Traverse County’s IT department will be led by Jon Wilson and Randy Filkins while the county searches for a new director, County Administrator Nate Alger announced Friday.

Former director Ming Mays resigned earlier this month to accept an unspecified position outside the county.

Her last day was Thursday.

The full-time $82,382 to 102,995 position was posted on the county’s website Nov. 5. Applicants need a bachelors degree in a related field and four to six years IT experience.

Primary duties include supervising department staff and directing technology needs for the county, the City of Traverse City, 13th Circuit and 86th District courts and advising the county administrator and county commissioners.

The vacancy comes as the county makes plans to address Windows 7 security concerns and contract with vendors to improve efficiencies of the construction code office.

Closing date for applications is Nov. 17.

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