ALDEN — A missing Texas girl has been rescued in northern Michigan, according to a Federal Bureau of Investigation release.

The 14-year-old girl, who had been listed as “missing and endangered,” disappeared from her home in Lubbock, Texas.

Investigations of the teen’s personal items — like her phone and laptop — made them believe she’d been talked into a meeting and taken out of state by someone she’d been chatting with online.

The discovery prompted FBI involvement and a much larger-scale investigation, according to the FBI release.

They soon narrowed the possibilities down to northern Michigan, and soon after, Alden.

Michigan State Police investigators assisted with the case, according to Seventh District Public Information Officer Lt. Derrick Carroll, alongside the Antrim County Sheriff’s Department, US Attorney’s Office and an MSP SWAT Team.

Coordination with those agencies led investigators to an address and from there, a joint search warrant, which officers executed Sunday morning, the release states.

The teen was recovered safely, and investigators have detained an adult male she was found with.

Child Protective Services is involved with the case. Plans to reunite her with her parents are in the works.

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