TRAVERSE CITY — A criminal exposé awaits a serial flasher who put his private parts on display to some unsuspecting residents for a fourth time in five days.

A 13-year-old girl sat in the front yard of her South Manorwood Drive home in Blair Township Monday just before 7 p.m., playing on her cellphone. She told Grand Traverse County sheriff’s deputies she heard the 52-year-old Mayfield man walking down the street and yell at her parents before he flashed his buttocks, according to Capt. Randy Fewless.

The girl asked “what’s wrong with you?” Then he flashed her again, Fewless said. Her parents ran after the man, but couldn’t catch up. He fled aboard a Bay Area Transportation Authority bus.

Deputies met with the bus driver to try to identify the flasher. Fewless said they received another call during the interview from a woman claiming a man with the same description flashed her while she drove on Vance Road near Sawyer Road shortly after the first report.

The woman said he pulled his pants down as she drove and stopped at the Sawyer Road intersection.

Deputies found the man walking on the side of Vance Road. He denied the exposure, according to Fewless. The accusers were brought to the scene and identified the man as the flasher.

The man was arrested and deputies recorded his blood-alcohol levels at 0.06 percent. They sent information to county prosecutors who continue investigating flashing complaints involving the same man from last week.

He first came onto law enforcement’s radar Thursday morning when three people living near Scenic Ridge and Creekside Drive saw him get out of his car and walk around the residential community naked. He stood with his legs open and waved at a woman as she peered out her window, according to Lt. Chris Barsheff.

Deputies found his car nearby and arrested the man. Barsheff said deputies planned to seek aggravated indecent exposure charges against the man at that point.

But he posted bond and was released from jail at some point and struck again.

This time, the man was seen “mooning” a passerby Sunday near the Rite Aid in Blair Township. Someone called 911 from the nearby McDonald’s parking lot after spotting him.

A deputy responded and the man claimed his pants fell down. The deputy gave him a ride home before he was arrested the next day.

Fewless said the man was in Grand Traverse County’s jail Tuesday. Officials will seek a higher bond to keep him in jail and avoid any further incidents, he said.

It’s unclear when the man will appear in court.

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