TRAVERSE CITY — Grand Traverse County officials OK’d a $20,000 settlement for children of Marilyn Palmer after months of discussion and investigation.

The Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s department announced the settlement — which is to be divided between attorney Jesse Williams, who represents the family, and Palmer’s three children — Wednesday morning.

About $3,000 will go to each child, with about $6,000 going to Williams and $4,000 covering Palmer’s funeral expenses, according to a Sheriff’s department release.

Palmer, 36, was weeks into a jail sentence for felony identity theft when she strung a pair of pants up in her cell’s shower and hanged herself, investigation reports state. She died on Feb. 28, 2018, to be found by frantic cellmates.

Cellmates said Palmer was distraught over missing Easter and her son’s 13th birthday.

The Sheriff’s department statement — Undersheriff Mike Shea declined to discuss the release’s contents further — claims accusations surrounding Palmer’s health and medication denials aren’t true.

“Policies and Procedures dictating medication delivery, hourly cell checks, and observations were followed,” the release reads.

Investigation reports revealed handwritten notes in which Palmer, of Gaylord, begged for her prescribed anxiety medication. She’d also submitted several health service requests before her death — the final one, just hours before she hanged herself, the Record-Eagle previously reported.

The settlement comes 10 months after the finalization of a $125,000 settlement for the family of Alan Halloway, who killed himself in the jail in 2017.

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