Peninsula Township Fire Chief Fred Gilstorff inspects erosion damage on Bluff Road on Tuesday. The Grand Traverse County Road Commission closed Bluff Road between house numbers 14772 and 14955 indefinitely.

TRAVERSE CITY — Continuing high water means the temporary Bluff Road closure on Old Mission Peninsula may be less temporary than originally planned.

“With the sheer height of that bluff, its going to be an engineered project to deal with,” Road Commission Manager Brad Kluczynski told Road Commissioners Thursday night.

“As it is now, it’s got such high water that it’s going to be very costly for us to get in there to try and fix it.”

Bluff Road was closed by the Road Commission Jan. 7 following erosion damage caused by high water levels.

Commission Chair Carl Brown said no other factors, not tree-cutting, for example, was to blame and that repair might have to come from the water’s edge.

A repair plan may not be developed until spring, and will likely involve the Army Corps of Engineers, Brown said.

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