ACME — A warm bed and a hot breakfast — some things most people take for granted.

Owners and managers at the Sleep Inn & Suites in Acme recognized that isn't a reality for everyone and opted to open its doors to the homeless through the winter.

Though the winter the hotel will offer up two of its rooms for the homeless should they need a place to stay for the night. The hotel is looking to the community for donations to offset the cost of the rooms, which carry a discounted rate of $50 per night.

"The owners have agreed to allow the two rooms to be set aside all winter at a reduced cost. Like a retail or grocery store they can't give it away for free," said Kathy Kelly, general manager.

Kelly said the idea to open the two rooms came to her after seeing a parade to help the area homeless in the news a few weeks ago.

"I thought, 'if there were that many people in the community that wanted to help then we could do something as well.' Not everyone will open up their home so I thought this would be a way to get people in the community involved to help others by donating funds to pay for these rooms," she said.

So far the hotel has raised $50 through two donations but is looking for more.

"We will take anything as small as $1," said Kelly. "If schools could get on board, and each kid could donate $1 per kid, that would be tremendous help. We could easily keep rooms open."

Should someone take advantage of a free room for the night they will get a room with a bed, TV, full bathroom and more. They can also use the many hotel amenities, including the pool, hot tub and breakfast in the morning.

"With the local shelters at capacity we are opening our doors and want to help by providing this for the community," said the hotel owner Rob Rodenroth.

"We all need a break sometimes but unfortunately we can't do it for free. Any donation will help us help them," he said.

If you would like to make a donation to provide rooms for the homeless this winter you can call the hotel at 231-938-7000 or Kelly at 231-409-6478.

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