ELK RAPIDS — A group of neighbors descended on the Elk Rapids Village Council to complain about the schedule of a possible sewer extension project.

TRAVERSE CITY — A man is accused of punching another several times over a dispute involving a third person, Traverse City Police Department Detective Sgt. Matt Richmond said.

TRAVERSE CITY — A woman visiting family in Traverse City lost a wedding ring valued at $14,000.


TRAVERSE CITY — A passenger train starts from Bay View resort, carrying pleasure-trippers back to “real life” in Chicago after a summer break in northern Michigan.

TRAVERSE CITY — A Grand Traverse County Road Commission work session and regular meeting are scheduled Tuesday evening.


TRAVERSE CITY — Storm-water rules in Traverse City now require violators to fix the issue more quickly, and now directly include methods for handling storm water.

SEEING A pair of bicycle bars sticking out of a sand bar in the rear of his home, Harold Limpricht dug down and discovered a buried wheel. Notifying the police, it was found that the wheel was one that had been stolen from Peter Lamphere who works for the Jackson Machine Company, and when the sand from the Ladies Library building excavation was hauled to the rear of the Limprecht place on State Street, west of the Post Office, the wheel became buried. Spaulding Friedrich reported that his wheel had been stolen early this morning.

David Mather, of Traverse City, graduated from DePauw University in Indiana in May. Mather received a bachelor’s degree in performance (music). He also made the spring 2019 dean's list.

TRAVERSE CITY — Stort-term rental owners in townships around Traverse City face a shifting regulatory landscape, with some governments tightening or tweaking rules, others adding new ones altogether and another debating how — or if — to allow them.

TRAVERSE CITY — Guidelines for how storm water is handled in Traverse City could become the rule under a proposal headed to city commissioners.

Building silos was the first full time job I worked after graduating from high school. Most of the crew were heavy drinkers and racists. They didn’t like my hippie hair either.

An often unnoticed feature of every size-adjustable golf cap is the opening in the back of the hat. Ladies — or men with enough hair and the right attitude — can finagle a ponytail through it. For guys like me, the ones with little or no hair on their heads, it’s just another great opportuni…

Facebook. Some people love it, some people hate it — and some people hate it because of all the privacy issues, etc., etc. but use it anyway.

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TRAVERSE CITY — Sanctuary Handcrafted Goods owner Christie Minervini was named one of the Top 10 Retailers to Watch at the inaugural Retail Renaissance awards, part of NY NOW.

They say when you need a mattress, all you see are mattress commercials. When you’re thinking about buying a new car, you see that car everywhere on the road.

TRAVERSE CITY — Brandi Priante couldn’t help but smile when she heard it.

I’m Susan, Lovina’s second-oldest daughter. I decided to write the column for Mom since I haven’t been doing too much since baby Ryan joined our family. He’s doing a good job with breast feeding which I’m thankful for. Today I’m spending the day at my parents’ house.

Summer seems to compress time. In the heat of a hot day appetites dwindle. The outdoor grill sees more of us than the indoor stove. Because of these summer influences, flavor matters more than ever.

Booking a concert series is a lot like baking your favorite dish for a dinner party, but without a recipe. You have some idea of the ingredients and steps involved based on previous experience, but each time your measurements vary and you use a different brand of oil or flour. Sometimes you …

As young as Traverse City’s The Accidentals may be, their breadth of experience as road-tested touring veterans and willingness to showcase other Michigan artists has benefited numerous acts in recent years, from Olivia Mainville to Jake Allen.

TRAVERSE CITY — Fifth Third Bancorp will raise its minimum wage from $15 to $18 per hour on Oct. 28. About 4,900 employees in several states will be affected.

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