Liz Petrella McKellar was elected president of the Adams Chapter of Trout Unlimited, the group announced Tuesday.

TRAVERSE CITY — The Adams Chapter of Trout Unlimited will be helmed by Elizabeth Petrella McKellar, the organization announced.

McKeller, a 37-year resident of Grand Traverse County, previously served on the board and is an avid trout fisher, community volunteer and conservationist, according to the agency’s statement Tuesday.

She is also the first women to serve as president in the group’s 25-year history.

“The chapter has been working hard to expand our membership base. Liz is going to bring a new perspective to the organization,” Cory Golden, past president, said, adding that the move will help the chapter appeal to a wider audience of new members.

The national Trout Unlimited created a diversity and inclusion workgroup in 2016 to diversify leaders and members and “create a welcoming environment” for TU members of different genders, ethnicities, ages and cultures to further the group’s mission of restoring and protecting native trout populations.

Northern Michigan is tied to the nation group’s founding in 1955, which began on the Au Sable with concerns about state’s practice of stocking hatchery fish.

The Adams Chapter, chartered in 1996 and including the Boardman-Ottaway, Betsie and Platte rivers, has about 400 members, according to the group’s statement.

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