TRAVERSE CITY -- An X-ray machine no longer needed by Partners in Family Practice PC will be donated to a place that is in need.

Dr. Raymond Bohrer said his Traverse City office decided to send patients to Munson Medical Center for X-rays instead of doing it at the West Front Street practice. Its X-ray equipment was in good shape but no longer necessary. So what to do with a heavy, huge piece of medical machinery? Someone suggested selling it as scrap.

"We just didn't feel that was a very good use of equipment," Bohrer said.

Instead, the practice arranged with Glenn Schrock, the former pastor of Traverse Bay Mennonite Church, to donate the machine to an organization that will give it a second life in Liberia.

On Monday afternoon about a half dozen volunteers hauled away the hulking, heavy machine. Just one part alone weighed 450 pounds, and the equipment took up an entire room. The men had to remove a leaden door from its hinges to carefully guide a part through the opening. They carried pieces through a series of doorways and down a hall, out a back exit and loaded it onto a trailer pulled by a truck, with a front license plate that stated: "The family that prays together stays together."

Schrock, a patient of Bohrer's, worked with Christian Aid Ministries to find a home for the equipment. He was told there were a handful of locations that could use it.

An expert from Munson's radiology department came in earlier to disassemble the machine. That should make it easier when it's time for someone else to put it all back together again. The machine will be readied for travel and eventually shipped to its final destination.

The machine might be a bit outmoded here, but in a country with less access to medical equipment it will be "a treasure," Bohrer said. The practice previously donated various medical supplies to missions using Schrock's connections.

"He's always arranged for it to be used somewhere, but this was by far the biggest thing and the most exciting," Bohrer said.

The practice plans to convert the room that housed the X-ray machine into an expanded clinical area.

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