Because of a designer’s error, two columns in the COVID-19 numbers box were intermingled on Sunday, incorrectly combining recoveries and confirmed infections in the printed edition.

ELLSWORTH — Generations of residents are coming together for a second time to rebuild a community landmark, the Ellsworth Labyrinth Garden.

Summer’s pilgrimage to northern Michigan campgrounds is about to be unleashed as state park, state forest and national forest campgrounds get the green light for opening.

The Northern Angler presents its annual Cheese Cup, a fly fishing tournament, starting at 6 a.m. June 6. Teams of one or two compete to catch the largest fish — whether bluegill, bass, carp or pike. Participants can also win the Best Team Name, Best Team Uniforms, Smallest Fish Caught and Be…

‘In memory of my parents, who took their little girl into the voting booth, let her pull the magic curtain, and taught me to treasure my right to vote.” — Elaine Weiss, “The Woman’s Hour: The Great Fight To Win The Vote”

TRAVERSE CITY — Two panes of glass separate two microphones and a miniature chalkboard nested on the dashboard of John Plough’s mobile studio, formerly known as a Chevy Equinox.

Today daughters Verena, 22, Loretta, 19, Lovina, 16, son Kevin, 14, and I went to assist niece Emma in preparing for hosting the next church services. Sister Emma and son Steven, niece Elizabeth, and sisters Verena and Susan were also there helping, along with my daughters Elizabeth and Susa…

One of the last big Michigan summer events to pull the plug over COVID-19 safety concerns was the Mo Pop Festival in Detroit, originally planned for late July. Understandable, yes, but a bummer for so many reasons — mainly because it’s so well run and smartly programmed as a celebration of t…

HARBOR BEACH — Brandon Stanton set up in about 70 feet of water with six rods (three apiece) and they were all running spoons in the top half of the water column. I found that curious as the hot bite had been lake trout, typically targeted on bottom, but Stanton had something else in mind.

A collection of columns from Record-Eagle Outdoors Columnist Mike Terrell:

In 1948, Samuel Beckett, an Irish writer living in France wrote an absurdist play, the English title of which today is better known than the play itself.

TRAVERSE CITY — Former marine deputy Charlie Belanger was there the night the lifeless body of 8-year-old Steven Easter was pulled out of Lake Michigan in 2013.

Fifty years ago I began baking whole wheat bread, avoiding meat and dining daily on vegetables, seitan, oat and buckwheat groats, brown rice, miso, tofu, beans and sprouts.

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