TRAVERSE CITY — The assistant to the assistant went from one station to another in the library at Trinity Lutheran School.

My parents were immigrants from Eastern Europe. In 1929, at age 10, my father came to Detroit from Czechoslovakia with his parents and two brothers. My mother left her parents’ farm in western Ukraine via Gdansk and London to Detroit in 1938, shortly before World World II broke out. She was 19.

The sun is trying to peep through the fog. It is very foggy this morning and visibility isn’t very good. The fog light on top of the bus was bright, though, when Kevin left for school. I always pray that everyone will be safe as they leave for work and school on foggy mornings like today.

If “The Irishman” is the last gangster movie Martin Scorsese makes, as has been widely speculated, it should be the last gangster movie anybody makes. Because what else is there to say, and who else should say it, after such a thunderingly conclusive statement?

MANISTEE — With winter teasing our senses – not to mention our nerves and driving patience — it’s time to take a relatively short road trip that’s just down the road from the Cherry Capital.

Road Trip is a monthly travel series by northern Michigan journalists Dave and Jeanne Barber. The series takes regional readers on easy, one-day road trips to visit Michigan museums, parks, nature sites, businesses and festivals, including many of the state's “hidden gems.”

If you think all jerk baits — floating/diving minnows — are the same, think again. A few years back Kevin VanDam won a major tournament on a jerk bait, made by a company that was not his sponsor, because it did something different than his company’s version.

Hunting season led to fewer anglers on the water and colder temperatures had smaller lakes beginning to freeze. The ice has not been safe in most locations. Anglers reported limited success on the river systems.

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TRAVERSE CITY — Snowmobile trails are open but the Department of Natural Resources urges caution in the wake of several winter storms.

The streets of London were so filthy in the early and mid 19th century that those who could afford it paid others — mostly children — to walk in front of them and sweep the streets clean as they crossed them.

The leaves are not all off our trees yet. We didn’t get around to raking up the ones on the ground, either. “Old Man Winter” arrived before we were prepared. In the last few days it snowed and snowed. I would guess that we received about eight more inches of snow. This morning the temperatur…

I am driving along the bay, the sun emerging as a thick red line pushing the blanket of night away. As I approach the cabin, I see men, women and children dancing around a bonfire. I am surprised by the noise: shouldn’t they be quiet? They’ll scare away the deer. As I walk towards them, I he…

LANSING — Scientists trying to control non-native mussels in the Great Lakes have come up with a new idea: kill them with the same destructive algae that sometimes blooms too much and threatens water quality.

Bass anglers of a certain age will remember when tailspinners — most notably Mann’s Little George — were all the rage for bottom bouncing along deep-water structure. I haven’t heard much about them in, oh, 35 years or so, but Japanese lure maker Jackall has introduced a new one — the Deracoup.

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