Building silos was the first full time job I worked after graduating from high school. Most of the crew were heavy drinkers and racists. They didn’t like my hippie hair either.

An often unnoticed feature of every size-adjustable golf cap is the opening in the back of the hat. Ladies — or men with enough hair and the right attitude — can finagle a ponytail through it. For guys like me, the ones with little or no hair on their heads, it’s just another great opportuni…

Facebook. Some people love it, some people hate it — and some people hate it because of all the privacy issues, etc., etc. but use it anyway.

I’m Susan, Lovina’s second-oldest daughter. I decided to write the column for Mom since I haven’t been doing too much since baby Ryan joined our family. He’s doing a good job with breast feeding which I’m thankful for. Today I’m spending the day at my parents’ house.

Summer seems to compress time. In the heat of a hot day appetites dwindle. The outdoor grill sees more of us than the indoor stove. Because of these summer influences, flavor matters more than ever.

Booking a concert series is a lot like baking your favorite dish for a dinner party, but without a recipe. You have some idea of the ingredients and steps involved based on previous experience, but each time your measurements vary and you use a different brand of oil or flour. Sometimes you …

As young as Traverse City’s The Accidentals may be, their breadth of experience as road-tested touring veterans and willingness to showcase other Michigan artists has benefited numerous acts in recent years, from Olivia Mainville to Jake Allen.

Inland lakes are producing some bluegill, crappie and bass but you may have to fish deeper and target the weed beds when it is very hot. Walleye were caught during low light periods. Salmon are slowly starting to head towards the rivers.

The Pine River has a reputation among the paddling community as one of the Lower Peninsula’s fastest, toughest rivers. Having kayaked different stretches of the river many times over the years with Traverse Area Paddle Club members, I’ll second that. It’s fast, fun and keeps you on the edge …

Maybe you’ve done a time study at work. Or you’ve said to yourself, “I’m only going to work on the yard for an hour, then take the kids to the beach.” Or you set a goal to work out a few times a week. Consciously or unconsciously, we often are evaluating the return on investment (ROI) for our time.

My first husband, Stuart, loved to make Caesar salad. He grew up with older parents, the generation that got fully dressed even for the breakfast table and went to the same steak house once a week. The restaurant served Caesar salad tableside; the waiter would roll up with the cart and drama…

NORTHPORT — Boiled redskins, corn on the cob, rolls, coleslaw, cherry pie, lemonade, beer, wine and freshly caught Maine lobster — or chicken, if lobster isn’t your thing. But mainly lobster.

I woke up last week to the news that Harold Prince had died. For many I am certain this was nothing more than a news item of passing interest. However for me, it was so much more.

The new Netflix documentary “The Great Hack” begins with David Carroll, a digital media professor in the United Kingdom, asking a class of students whether they’d ever seen an ad on Facebook that convinced them their devices were spying on them, perhaps an eerie digital reference to a conver…

INTERLOCHEN — Americana legend Lyle Lovett, classical flutist James Galway and “sonic” string quartet Kittel & Co. top the 2019-20 Interlochen Presents lineup at Interlochen Center for the Arts.

ACME — John Williams might not be a household name, but movie fans have heard his music in everything from “Jurassic Park” and “Indiana Jones” to “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter.”

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