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Shopping is part of the job for real estate agents Angela DiLorenzo and Tamara Vomastek.

The pair are part of a team of five real estate agents at Traverse City’s Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. Though they work with all sorts of clients, including first-time homebuyers, they specialize in serving Traverse City’s high-end market and partner when they work on luxury listings.

“Our niche is luxury,” DiLorenzo said.

Vomastek is a long-time Traverse City resident and business owner. Having lived in the area since 1981, she raised three daughters here, and has fond memories of shopping in downtown Traverse City with them. DiLorenzo is newer to the area, having relocated from Fort Myers, Florida four years ago.

Dressing for a professional atmosphere and providing gifts for their luxury clients means DiLorenzo and Vomastek shop frequently in Traverse City as part of their work. They both prioritize local shopping as a way to welcome high-end clients to the area.

“I definitely keep it local and find something special that’s near to our area here so it’s something they can enjoy and learn about,” DiLorenzo said.

“I do a lot of M-22 for gifts,” Vomastek added.

DiLorenzo said her gift-giving is tailored especially to her clients’ likes, and depends on the occasion. She names oils from Fustini’s Oils & Vinegars or local wines as good gifts, and said she tends to stay away from gifting clothing.

When it comes to shopping for their wardrobe, DiLorenzo and Vomastek said their job has a huge influence on their style. Vomastek cites her work style as “more classic than trendy,” whether it’s a dress and a jacket or nice dress pants and a jacket.

“Our appearances are very important. When we work in the luxury market, or whatever market, we always try to dress professionally,” DiLorenzo said.

“When you show up to a luxury listing and you look the part and dress the part because you are the part, it gives them confidence and gives you some credibility. When you show up professional and you’re clean-cut ... that shows that you take care of yourself. When you take care of yourself, you’re going to certainly take care of them.”

In order to find clothes that fit their professional style, they first look to local Traverse City stores. Vomastek cites the quality of materials as one reason for shopping local.

“I like nice fabrics; in the bigger-box stores, when you get into the polyester and the rayon, that’s not something I look for,” she said. “I look for the quality in the material when I’m purchasing.”

DiLorenzo acknowledges that selection can be limited in small shops, particularly when looking for classic wardrobe staples.

“Sometimes I can’t always find what I need locally in some of the specialty boutique shops, so that’s when I’ll go to one of the commercial places and find something a little simpler that’s a little more classic for me to wear for work,” she said.

DiLorenzo and Vomastek also often prepare outfits ahead of special events they host and attend.

“We’ve done a couple events in the last month and, you know, we both went shopping for different outfits for that event,” DiLorenzo said.

“We taught our team: you only have one chance to make a first impression, so you want to make sure that what you’re portraying is professional,” Vomastek said.

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