Editor's note: This article was published in Grand Traverse Business magazine's Spring 2018 issue. For more stories from the magazine, click here to read GT Business in its entirety online.

“Communities seek business, business seeks talent and talent seeks community.” Matt McCauley, CEO of Networks Northwest

“The consumer always wants what’s new.” Russell Springsteen, owner of Right Brain Brewery

“If you don’t like change, you’ll like irrelevant even less.” Matt Bulloch, Chief executive officer and president at TentCraft

“We’re not changing the format of who we are. We just have a different location and are enhancing our options.” Paul Barbas, Owner of Opa! Grill

“When you treat your employees well and really look out for them, you don’t have to worry about how they’ll look after the customer.” Dave Sears, Co-owner of Fieldstone Market & Deli

“I started making ice cream so I had a Plan B in case Mother Nature kicked our butts and we didn’t have any fruit.” Lori Buchan, Buchan’s Blueberry Hill and Scoops 22

“I thought maybe I’d do something a little more glamorous, but it came back around and this is perfect.” John C. Semeyn, owner of Midwest Supply

“Many artists are married to professionals, and professionals need a place to work.” Lowell “Jep” Gruman, Principal of Boomerang Catapult, LLC

“It’s been fun to work with people to put their pride and joy in a bottle.” Bill Koucky, Owner of GT Culinary Oils, GT Culinary Flours and Grand Traverse Pasta

“I think that when a heartbreak happens — any kind of trauma or disruptor in our life — the good parts of us get magnified and the bad habits of us get magnified.” Joseph Sanok, Mental Wellness Counseling

“You have to reinvent yourself.” Laura Wildman, co-owner of Federico’s Design Jewelers

“I love everything about fishing. I love what it does for kids; I love what it does for the community.” Jim Liberty, Owner of Liberty Tackle

“Often you’ll feel worse on the way to feeling better. People want to run away from pain. I encourage people to feel that pain. You’ve got to feel it, but don’t wallow in it.” Vickie Green, Counselor

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