July has arrived and with it the summer weather that we have all been waiting for.

As I write this, I am sitting on the back patio on a beautiful evening taking in the sights, sounds and smells of summer on Elk River. With the spring rush over, I took a few days off this past week to get some gardening done at my house.

Finally, the vegetable garden, all grown in containers, is planted. The last three days were spent planting my annual containers and doing general clean-up on the patio. Table and chairs got a good scrubbing and are ready for some outdoor dining. My husband and I have even had time to sit in the evening with a cold beverage and relax.

Some of you may be thinking, why bother at this point? This is my normal — and honestly, even if I don’t get things done until the first week of July, I still have three months or so to enjoy the show. Totally worth it since the alternative of not having a garden or lots of colorful annual containers in my outdoor living space is not acceptable. Plants make me happy and I’m not done yet.

There are perennials to plant to fill in bare spots in the garden. We just finished replanting the narrow bed along the garage with the new Summer Crush Endless Summer Hydrangeas and now need to decide what to plant in front of them. I have also been doing some weeding that, of course, has been put off way too long. It’s never-ending and the only way I can even begin to tackle it is to choose one section at a time, put my head down and lean into the task. Even if I just spend 30 minutes a day, it’s gratifying to see results and the garden is more weed free than if I hadn’t spent the time.

My next project is edging the border around the patio and trying to keep the snow-on-the-mountain and anemones at bay. Yes, I do remember when I thought planting them was a good idea. There’s a reason we haven’t sold Aegopodium at the nursery in many years.

Oh yes, and then there’s the pond that needs an update. The plan is to replace the current small pond and stream with a much lower-maintenance, self-contained fountain feature.

The trick here is the amount of effort it will take to deconstruct the existing water feature. Don’t even get me started on the so-called garden shed that I can’t even get into at this point. You would think that owning a nursery and landscape company would come with the perk of my very own personal gardener, but not so.

I think that’s the story of many business owners. I’m know I am not alone in describing the multiple tasks that face us as gardeners.

Gardening is a labor of love, but we need to make sure we don’t get so busy working in and on the garden that we don’t take time to enjoy it as well, because isn’t that why we garden?

Trust me, the weeds will still be there tomorrow and there will always be one more plant to add so don’t feel like you must get it all done today or even by next week.

Truly, the garden is never finished and that’s OK with me.

Jeanine Rubert is co-owner of Pine Hill Nursery and Pine Hill Village Gardens, recipient of the 2015 TC Chamber of Commerce, Hagerty Insurance Small Business of the Year Award. She has lived and gardened in northern Michigan for 38 years. Reach her at jrubert@pinehill-nursery.com.