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If you’re fortunate enough to be able to go fishing — given all the prohibitions right now — you likely know that the panfish are in the shallows and ripe for the plucking. But getting live bait is difficult. There are, however, a couple of Berkley products that are probably the next best thing.

Berkley’s lines of PowerBait and Gulp! seem to bridge the gap between live bait and artificials. Berkley claims fish will hold onto Powerbait 18 longer than unscented products and I know, in the past, that when I ran out of spikes or wax worms while ice fishing I continued to catch fish with it. As for Gulp!, well, I know some guys that swear it’s every bit as good as live bait and in some cases better; you don’t have to worry about keeping Gulp! minnows alive.

A big issue is finding an open bait shop right now. Fortunately, you can buy Gulp! or PowerBait over the internet. Personally, I’d rather have the real red worms for bluegill fishing, but in a pinch, I’ll use one of those Berkley products rather than have no bait at all. — Bob Gwizdz

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