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Panther Martin. 

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There are two styles of in-line spinners that are popular with panfish and trout anglers. The more popular,

as exemplified by Mepps, features a spinner blade on a clevis that rotates around the lure’s shaft. Slightly

less popular is a spinner with a blade that rotates directly around the shaft, and the most popular name

brand version of this bait is made by Panther Martin.

Although both styles work well, the through-the-spinner style lure has one advantage — it begins to

rotate immediately on retrieve; the other styles takes a second to get going. I find under certain conditions

the Panther Martin has an advantage. In really tight conditions on a trout stream (and I’m talking about small

holes that are surrounded by obstructions) I prefer the Panther Martin because I can flip the bait — in the

same manner that bass anglers flip a jig or worm into heavy cover — and cover the water better. Sometimes

you’ve only got a second or two of running time for these small holes. That’s where a Panther Martin really


Bob Gwizdz

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