torpedo float

There are about as many styles of fishing bobbers as there are anglers, but one of the best panfish anglers I’ve even known, the late Bluegill Bob Miskowski, was sold on torpedo floats.

Heavy, hollow, hard-plastic contraptions, torpedo floats have eyes on each end. You tie the fat end to your line and then a leader to the other and fish your fly, jig, or hook and worm attached to the leader.

They are not as easy to use as some bobbers and you’re limited to relatively shallow water (unless you have a really long rod) with these floats, but they cast like a bullet. And while it takes a fairly big fish to pull them under, you can tell you’re getting bit when the float starts moving. Miskowski told me they were relatively hard to find, so whenever he found them, he bought them.

I ran across them the other day at Cabela’s and when I saw them, in honor of Bluegill Bob, I had to buy them. They cost $3.99 for a three-pack and now that I’ve got them, I’ll use them when panfishing and remember Bluegill Bob fondly. — Bob Gwizdz

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