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TRD TicklerZ.

Gwizdz’s Gadgets

Ned rigs continue to be hot among bass anglers and one company (Z Man, makers of extremely durable soft plastics) seems to be determined to dominate the market. One of its latest offerings — TRD TicklerZ — is certain to be a hit.

TRD TicklerZ look similar to tubes, though they have a solid body so the jighead is outside the bait instead of inside of it. Highly buoyant, so they stand up on a mushroom-shaped jighead, TicklerZ give you a little more action than many Ned rig baits. They’re 2.75 inches, available in 18 colors, come eight to a package and cost around $5. Made from Elaztech, I fished one the other day for four hours and caught plenty of bass, without changing the body.

Bob Gwizdz

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