Slow Death Hook

The Slow Death Hook.

It used to be that fish hooks were basically shaped like a “J” and that was all there was to it, but over the years hook makers have fiddled with the basic design to add additional features — above and beyond simply hooking a fish — to the hook’s performance. One hook that has caught on, especially with walleye anglers in recent year, is Mustad’s Slow Death Hook.{/div}{p}{/div}{p}The Slow Death has an unusual bend in the shank that’s designed to make a nightcrawler spin while trolled or retrieved. Some guys use a single hook like this behind a spinner blade, while others just troll (or drift) a plain crawler. The guys I know who use them swear by them.{/div}{p}{/div}{p}The key is to make sure you have a swivel in the leader as the bait will spin and cause all manner of line twist if you don’t. I’ve seen them available in sizes 2 to 2/0 at a cost of about $6 for a 25-pack.

— Bob Gwizdz

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