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Neko skirt.

Back when rigging plastic worms wacky style (i.e. with the hook in the middle of the worm) was first catching on — abut 35 years ago, if memory serves — anglers often used a finishing nail stuck in one end of the worm to give it a little weight to make it easier to cast. Now hook-maker VMC has introduced an accessory, the Neko skirt, which features a living rubber/silicone skirt attached to the nail-like weight that’s inserted into the worm.

The accessory features a conically ribbed anchor weight that is held in place with epoxy resin. It gives the worm a little more jazz. And though it’s designed especially for wacky rigging, it can be used to spice up traditional Texas-rigged worms, too.

Available in eight colors and five sizes, Neko skirts retail for $3.49 for a two-pack.

— Bob Gwizdz

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