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One of the hottest trends in panfish angling for ice fishermen is micro-plastic baits — tiny jig tails that are often whisker-thin that you can’t possibly hold still as they move with every breath you take. One of the more prominent manufacturers of these baits is Roadside Minnows out of Cedar, Mich.

Roadside Minnows has a full line of artificial baits that mimic everything from pinhead minnows to perch eyes and I know a couple of guys who have just about abandoned live bait because they’ve had so much success with the small plastics.

They are not inexpensive; a six pack of perch eyes — which measure less than 3/4th inch in length — retails for $4.99. But they’re less trouble than spikes or wax worms and if you leave them in your parka pocket overnight, you don’t have to worry abut them dying on you.

— Bob Gwizdz

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