The past week has been very windy which has limited many angler’s opportunities to get out. This has resulted in limited reports on fishing for this week. Make sure to get out if you can while the weather is good. The scenery is spectacular and the fishing in fall can be good. Tight lines and stay safe!


Charlevoix: Overall, effort was down this week. It has been windy which has resulted in less fishing activity. Most of the salmon have moved into the rivers and boats have not been going out to target them as much. The lake trout season has closed. Many anglers are waiting for steelhead and perch to show up in the area. Some anglers were casting for Chinook salmon near the cement plant. Effort in channel has also been slow with a few anglers fishing for smallmouth bass and salmon early in the morning.

Grand Traverse Bay: For those boats who could make it out with the winds, the perch fishing has been good in a few spots. Anglers using minnows, wigglers, and wax worms had the best success.

Boardman River: Salmon fishing is winding down.

Platte Bay: Salmon fishing winding down.

Betsie River: Good numbers of Chinook salmon were in the river with most turning dark. Steelhead are starting to show up in the lower river.

Portage Lake: No report.

Manistee River: Good salmon fishing was reported with steelhead starting to show up in the lower river. Below Hodenpyl Dam anglers have reported good catches of rainbow trout while using fish eggs.

Pere Marquette River: Good salmon fishing has been good over the last week. Some steelhead are starting to show up in the lower portion of the river.


Cheboygan River: There are two chutes open at the dam this week. Anglers have been catching some chinook salmon drifting skein or casting spoons/crank baits with skein users reporting the most success. Chinook salmon have been ranging between 8 to 20 pounds with many around 15 pounds. There has also been some steelhead caught by anglers drifting spawn bags. Steelhead have been averaging around 8 pounds.

Mackinaw City: No reports.

St. Ignace: No reports.

Burt and Mullett Lakes: No reports.

Rogers City: Anglers that have been able to get out on Lake Huron at Presque Isle or Rogers City have been doing well catching steelhead. Try to find the baitfish recently located in 45 to 80 feet to increase your success while running lines higher in the water column. Anglers have been using smaller spoons with brighter colors like orange-yellow and silver combo, orange and silver, orange and green, or blue and silver.

Alpena: Anglers able to get out on the bay or Lake Huron have been doing good catching steelhead with an occasional walleye or chinook salmon. Anglers are having success fishing 40 to 80 feet with spoons in the top part of the water column. Bright colors are producing the best bite. A few lake trout have been caught, however, they must be immediately released as they are no longer in season unless you fish MH-3 and south.

Thunder Bay River: Reports indicate it has been a tough week of fishing as there are plenty of fish, but the bite has been very slow. Anglers reporting success have been using fresh spawn. Other options include drifting flies and casting body baits or plugs.

Oscoda: Reports indicate that anglers trolling body baits and spoons have caught a few walleye and steelhead. The best angling has occurred in water 15 to 25 feet in close to the river mouth and at depths of 40 to 60 feet. Pier anglers casting spoons and deep diving crank baits have caught walleye, smallmouth bass, chinook salmon, Atlantic salmon, and steelhead primarily in the mornings. Reports of large schools of shiners have been seen off the piers and in the river mouth.

Au Sable River: A few chinook salmon, Atlantic salmon, steelhead, and pink salmon have been caught by anglers back-trolling plugs, floating spawn, casting spoons, casting streamers, and while bottom bouncing beads and flies. Fish have been slow to bite. Most chinook salmon caught were dark with some patchy. Atlantic salmon were found holding in structure difficult to fish like current breaks, stumps, downed trees, logs, and other woody debris. Some were caught not associated with structure in the open water. A few smallmouth bass and northern pike have been reported by anglers fishing with crank baits, crawlers, and minnows.

Higgins Lake: Anglers have reported good perch fishing with some nice keepers. Some nice rock bass have also been caught. No reports available on trout or smallmouth bass.

Houghton Lake: Crappie and walleye have been reported moving up into canals. Anglers using fathead minnows have reported some good catches. Bluegill fishing has been good by those fishing the drop-offs while using minnows.

Tawas: Some steelhead have been caught with a few limits while trolling spoons past buoy 2 in 50 feet. Walleye fishing has continued to be slow with a report of a few caught off the Tawas pier casting jigs and body baits.

Tawas River: A few walleye have been caught in the Tawas River off jigs. Salmon fishing has been slow with only a few being reported caught in the Tawas River.

Au Gres: Some perch have been caught off the dock at the access site by anglers using minnows and crawlers. A few good catches of perch have been reported with a few limits near the mouth of the Au Gres River in 20 feet, in the shipping channel between Pt. Lookout and Pt. Au Gres and south in 40 to 50 feet. Anglers are catching perch from the Rifle Bar to Saganing Bar to the Pinconning Bar in 12 to 18 feet while using minnows. Some anglers have caught bluegill and other sunfish inside Eagle Bay marina with wax worms and crawlers.

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