Wind made things tough again this week — but salmon are really starting to move. If the weather cooperates anglers should be able to find lake trout, steelhead, coho and chinook.


It’s all about the salmon in this neck of the woods. Rivers like the Pere Marquette, Manistee and Betsie are seeing good runs of chinook salmon. Pierheads were producing in Ludington, Manistee and Frankfort while Pere Marquette Lake, Manistee Lake and Betsie Bay provided good options for small boat trollers, jiggers and those casting lures or fishing with spawn.

Harbor Springs: Some anglers did well fishing for lake trout around Harbor Point. A few salmon boats trolled inside the point, toward Roaring Brook.

Petoskey: Most boats couldn’t get out due to windy conditions, but some that could caught lake trout. The bay warmed up from a west wind with the temperature break down at 135 feet. Some lake trout were caught around 150 feet down. A few salmon were picked up while casting from the breakwall and piers/docks around the marina. Early morning, evening and overnight were the best times. Anglers used crankbaits, spoons and floating spawn.

Bear River: The flow was at a good level this past week. A lot of salmon (both cinook and coho) ran mid-week, but not many fish were caught at the dam. Most anglers were using spawn, artificial eggs and flies

Charlevoix: Most boats were targeting salmon, but not many had luck catching fish. Some were marked in 50 to 60 feet of water around the cement plan. Lake trout were marked from 110 to 130 feet down. Fishing in the channel was slow with most anglers targeting smallmouth bass. Most were fishing bottom with crawlers and leeches, both natural and artificial.

Traverse City: In the east bay salmon fishing was hit-or-miss and was generally slow along the banks near the south end. Bass fishing was good during the mid-day hours in various depths, anywhere from 8 to 35 feet. A cisco or two were caught while jigging or trolling. No salmon were reported from the Elk River. During mid-day hours along the peninsula and around Deepwater Point bass fishing was good. On the west bay salmon fishing was slow; a fish or two were caught while trolling the hole at the south end. More coho were caught at the dam on skein and beads. Anglers looking for perch found a few in Suttons Bay.

Frankfort: Chinook were reported out in front of the piers and in the channel. Fresh fish were moving up the Betsie every night. Anglers heading north to Platte Bay were landing good numbers of coho. Trolling and jigging worked well in close with spinners and spoons.

Platte River: Coho have arrived.

Onekama: No activity to report.

Portage Lake: Perch anglers reported good numbers of fish hitting on worms around the barge area.

Manistee: Surface water temps were at about 65 degrees. Fishing slowed, but some chinook, coho and steelhead were caught offshore in 150 to 300 feet, 50 to 90 feet down. Spoons, j-plugs and meat rigs were the most successful.

Manistee River: Chinook and coho were both there.

Hamlin Lake: Fishing was slow, but the bluegill fishing was starting to pick up on the upper lake. Bass fishing was decent on the lower lake. Water temps were 64 to 66 degrees.

Ludington: Coho were starting to show up in the Sable River at the State Park. Surface water temperatures were at about 64 degrees. Offshore fishing for chinook slowed. Anglers were having success with steelhead and coho in 200 to 400 feet of water, 60 to 90 feet down. Spoons and meat rigs worked best. Pier fishing remained slow.

Pere Marquette Lake: Chinook fishing slowed way down and many fish moved into the river.

Pere Marquette River: A good run of chinooks had begun.

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