Windy conditions continue to hamper fishing effort and very few have been out. Areas in the Upper Peninsula saw their first snow showers last weekend! Higher water levels and wave action have kept anglers off the piers due to dangerous conditions. Boat anglers have not been out on the inland lakes. This coming weekend could be one of the last chances to get out on the big waters as the winds will pick back up next week.


Petoskey: The boat launch at the marina has removed the docks for the season. Windy conditions made fishing difficult. Boating effort really drops this time of year. Those fishing near the mouth of the Bear River caught a few Chinook and coho at the “Bobber Hole” and D Pier. The occasional steelhead was also caught. A couple lake trout were caught in the area however anglers are reminded that lake trout season on Lake Michigan is closed.

Bear River: Did see a push of salmon after the heavy rain and anglers managed to land a couple Chinook and coho. Many were turning quite dark however a few fresh fish were also hooked. Anglers were using spawn, artificial eggs, yarn and flies.

A few lake trout have shown up over the last week.

Charlevoix: It appears salmon fishing is just about done as no boats had been out. When the weather cooperates, boats usually start heading out this time of year to find yellow perch. Most target the waters between North Point and South Point. A couple smallmouth bass were caught on crawlers in the channel.

Traverse City: Boating activity is way down on both bays. While the West Bay had no report this week, cisco fishing on the East Bay was hit-or-miss. Try trolling or jigging small spoons in 80 to 120 feet. The Elk River was good for those targeting trout and salmon. Coho, a few Chinook and a number of steelhead were caught up near the dam when using spawn.

Frankfort: Pier and shore anglers using fresh spawn are getting some steelhead throughout the day.

Betsie River: Is producing a fair number of coho.

Portage Lake: Perch anglers found some keepers in 14 to 22 feet when using worms in several different areas of the lake.

Manistee: Surface water temperatures were about 54 degrees. Windy conditions have made it difficult but when they can get out, small coho were taken with spawn off the pier and when surfcasting from the beach.

Manistee River: Continues to produce some salmon though the fish are quite dark.

Ludington: When anglers can get out, a few coho were caught at the State Park. Water temperatures have cooled to the mid 50’s.

Pere Marquette River: Water levels were receding in the upper stretches, but the lower stretches were still high. Anglers continue to catch some large Chinook. The rain will certainly help not only the salmon, but the fall steelhead runs as well.

Muskegon: When they can get out, pier anglers casting spoons or body baits caught freshwater drum. The south pier is closed for repairs.

Muskegon River: Rain and cooler temperatures helped push a decent number of salmon up into the river. Some large fish have been taken by those casting crank baits floating skein and beads. Those fly fishing have done well during the day. The occasional steelhead and brown trout were also caught.


Cheboygan River: Salmon fishing is starting to slow but anglers have still caught some fish at the dam with spoons, crank baits and skein. The better catches came at dusk. Some reported steelhead jumping at the dam but there were no reports of fish caught. Boat anglers targeting smallmouth bass had success with soft baits near the cutter and the ferry parking lot.

Rogers City: Lots of wind, rough water and rain have kept anglers at bay. The weekend may bring some relief as far as windy conditions however it has been so long since anyone has been out it looks like the season here may be over. Any anglers left are focusing on inland waters.

Alpena: Strong winds have made it difficult for anglers out in Thunder Bay. Good smallmouth action for those casting soft plastics, jigs and crank baits near the river mouth. A couple pike were caught in Squaw Bay.

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