LANSING — The monarch butterfly might be on the decline, but a little milkweed-whacking can help get them back on their feet, experts say.

Ever lose a landing net overboard? I haven't, personally, but I know some who have and there's a neat product on the market to keep it from happening. The Ultra Float, from Luna Sea, is designed to fit over a net (or gaff) handle so if you lose it momentarily, you won't lose it permanently. …

BAY CITY — I do not remember a spring in which the weatherman has been so consistently wrong — as least for part of the day — as this one. Take, for instance, the other day, when the forecast called for winds of 5-10 mph with mostly cloudy skies, which is just about what the doctor ordered f…

Sometimes running makes me so happy. It can be one thing or a combination of things that triggers the mood: trees budding, flowers blooming, warm weather, a sunny day, no pain, feeling strong or gratitude to be able to move swiftly through the woods.

The large and smallmouth bass opener on Lake St. Clair, St. Clair River and the Detroit River is June 15. High water levels continue to hamper fishing on the Great Lakes, inland lakes as well as the rivers and streams. While visibility may be a factor, those putting in the time have caught fish.

Michigan’s annual “Summer Free Fishing Weekend” will be observed June 8 and 9. On these two days, both residents and non-residents can fish without a license; however, all regulations still apply. This would be a great opportunity to introduce someone new to the sport of fishing. For a list …

Jigheads are perhaps the most generic of baits and you can buy serviceable jigs in bulk for a fair discount. But occasionally you find one that performs well enough that it makes an impression. I recently spent the day fishing a jig that walleye pro Mark Martin turned me on to and I liked it a lot.

SAUGATUCK — Salmon in the Classroom is one of the Department of Natural Resources’ most successful outreach/education programs. The DNR supplies fertilized chinook salmon eggs to elementary or middle school classes which hatch the eggs, raise the fry to fingerling size, and then release them…

I met Chuck this winter in the locker room of the Grand Traverse County Civic Center. He was going to swim in the new pool, I was going to run nowhere fast on the treadmill in the YMCA gym.

ELK RAPIDS — Kids Fishing Day is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. June 8 at Spillway Pond. Fishing poles are available. This event is part of the Michigan Free Fishing Weekend, which goes till June 9.

The waters are warming slowly but we are still about two weeks behind when it comes to water temperatures especially in the Northern Lower and Upper Peninsula. Musky season opens on the first Saturday in June.

Youngsters, folks of small stature or people with even minor disabilities can have a hard time handling big fish (like chinook salmon) — especially if they have them hooked on a rod with copper or lead-core line. Not only is the weight an issue, but the rod tends to torque when reeled.

BAYPORT — I could tell by the bend in his pole that Bill Horton had a pretty good fish on and was about to drop my rod and go for the camera when I felt one grab my lure. So we played them out. Horton subdued his first and it proved to be about a 3.5-pounder smallmouth. I guessed mine at abo…

3:30 a.m.: “Awake” is an arbitrary concept aimlessly bobbing among the few remaining conscious thoughts of the sleep-deprived. Shivering, hands in pockets, contemplating what sins perpetrated this penance, I stare down at the little yellow fur ball currently shredding my shoelace.

It’s pretty safe to say that cyclists love a challenge. The scale of the challenge is different for every ride, whether it’s just getting on the bike and squeezing in an hour or two per week, or tackling any number of northern Michigan’s grueling rides, races or tours. What remains the same …

If you’re looking for a short scenic hike that offers a good workout and beautiful views of a deep wooded ravine with a creek rushing through it, than East Creek Reserve is the hike for you.

A collection of columns from Record-Eagle Outdoors Columnist Mike Terrell:

SOUTH HAVEN — Lake trout are well down the list of preferred species for Lake Michigan trout and salmon anglers. Admittedly, they are not as spectacular as the others; they don’t come out of the water like coho or steelhead, and they rarely threaten to spool you like big chinooks.

This coming Saturday, May 25, is the large and smallmouth bass opener on the Great Lakes and inland waters. The season opener on Lake St. Clair, the St. Clair River and the Detroit River is not until the third Saturday in June. Catch and release anglers have caught a fair number; however, th…

In three days, runners from all over the country, along with their friends and family, will take to the waterfront roads along the East Arm of Grand Traverse Bay for the Bayshore Marathon races.

Walleye and pike season for the Upper Peninsula Great Lakes, inland waters and the St. Mary's River opened on May 15. Trout fishing was still slow in the northern regions due to the cold nights and cold river temperatures. The action should pick up in the next week or two.

Handle enough big fish — especially with a gimbal-base handle on the fishing rod — and, unless you have a fighting belt, be prepared to have a sore gut. Well, here's Cush-It, from Luna Sea products, to the rescue.

Braid — and other so-called super lines — is gaining popularity, but it's a little tougher to work with than monofilament, so it's incumbent upon anglers that they have a decent pair of scissors to work with. Rapala — which makes a fine line of accessories to go with their top-notch lures — …

The weight of the city lifted mile by mile as I drove from Chicago last week home to the north country. Trees, lakes and meadows, like open arms, wrapped me in a peaceful welcome. Knowing we are moving closer to the summer tourism season, I thought of the thousands of souls who will soon be …

INTERLOCHEN — Counting the tree rings places both Interlochen State Park and the state park system at 100 years old this year — a double-birthday milestone that will be celebrated where it all began.

MIO — A small, fleeting songbird once on the brink of extinction lures birdwatchers from across the world to northern Michigan each spring, and guided tours into the woods can help those interested find the birds with their flashes of yellow.

The state is experiencing high water levels and strong currents. This includes the inland lakes, rivers, streams and Great Lakes. Runoff from all the rain is staining the waters which impacts clarity and makes fishing difficult. Flood warnings and advisories have been issued in some areas.

Remember Silver Thread, the first copolymer monofilament fishing line that was introduced by PRADCO back in the 1980s? It was quite popular for a number of years, and although it's still available, I haven't heard of anyone using it in ages.

CASSOPOLIS — We started out fishing on the main body of Diamond Lake, tossing small jigs underneath bobbers at weed beds. It wasn’t going well. After a while, Jim Horn grabbed a rod with a bass-sized jerk bait and he finally found what he was looking for — a crappie.

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