ELK RAPIDS — Popsicle: Relief for kids on a hot summer day.

Shortsicle: Relief for adults on a hot summer day — or night.

The tart ale originally brewed for a limited time in the summer of 2015 by Short’s Brewing Company is being brought back for the 10th annual Short’s Fest.

The event takes place Aug. 3 for those 21 and over.

A sweet, tart and very fruit-forward taste, in addition to lactose that gives the beer a creamy texture, reflect several elements found in a good Popsicle, said Tony Hansen, head brewer at Short’s.

“It’s the perfect beer for a party outside on a hot day,” he said.

Short’s Brewing Company is based in Bellaire, where it has a pub, deli and research and development facility. Short’s Fest takes place at its Elk Rapids production facility.

Held in conjunction with Elk Rapids Harbor Days, the festival features 35 of the company’s beers and ciders, local food trucks, tours of the production facility and live music.

Harbor Days’ fireworks are visible from the location.

“I think, after our first year, people were excited — especially the locals,” said Joe Short, founder and CEO. “There were a lot of people in town for Harbor Days and most of the time the weather (has been) good. It’s really just celebrating being outside in Elk Rapids at the brewery.”

The 10th year of Short’s Fest also marks the 10th anniversary of the production facility’s opening — just another reason to celebrate, said Short.

Tours of the facility can give people a better understanding of just how intensive the brewing process is, said Hansen.

“I think it really makes people appreciate how much thoughtfulness and science and engineering really goes into producing the level of quality of beer that we’re trying to create,” he said.

The idea behind Shortsicle is reflected in the company’s growth.

What started as a six-member team has grown to more than 150 staff members — swelling to 200-plus in the summertime, said Hansen.

“We went from such a small team with such humble beginnings to this state-of-the-art facility with a huge team,” he said.

To see the team — originally young and single — now grown up, starting families and buying houses, has been a “pretty cool revolution,” he said.


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