Crash test dummy commercials used to be fairly common. Over and over would some hapless robot slam into an airbag while a confident voice-over told us how many thousand hits it took to destroy it.

We could feel safe; surely we’d never face that kind of relentless, sustained assault.

We think now about our country’s systems of checks and balances that make up its foundation.

We also think of the battering, over time, of this foundation by leaders putting personhood above nationhood, and party above country.

A week ago, Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield and Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey traveled to the White House at the behest of President Donald Trump, as he continued to dispute the state’s election results that placed challenger Joe Biden more than 150,000 votes ahead.

The Michigan lawmakers stayed at the Trump International Hotel. After their meeting with the president, both released statements reaffirming their desire not to interfere with the election.

We were glad to hear it.

We appreciate the leaders who continue to care for their country, and believe in its Constitutional foundation.

History will favor them as patriots who put country over party. Same with those Democrats and Republicans who accepted their legitimate election defeats with the grace we’ve come to expect out of our leaders. That we now realize we took for granted. As we did our safe, bloodless election process.

In Michigan our results are finally starting to settle, 24 days post-election.

John James, a Republican veteran and businessman, just Tuesday congratulated incumbent U.S. Senator Gary Peters on his election win by more than 90,000 votes. James had joined Trump in filing election-based lawsuits with hopes of overturning the results.

Michigan’s board of state canvassers also certified election results this week in a 3-0 vote, ending attempts to halt the process.

But it’s not over, and nor will it be for a long time to come.

State canvasser Norm Shinkle has called on the Legislature for a “top-down” review of the election process. Canvasser Monica Palmer has called for audit. They, including their family members, have faced threats and harassment for their statements.

We have seen that when tested, our foundations stand on evidence against bluster and brinkmanship. We commend those who seek to fortify this.

But perhaps now, more than before, we can see the impacts of the bashing that comes from all sides, over time, and know, like that crash test dummy, that eventually, it will break.

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