This is the final day of 2019. A new year lies before us. What does it hold in store for you and me? Only God knows the answer. May He be our guide as we enter the new year in 2020. He has bestowed so many blessings upon us. Let us be forever thankful!

TRAVERSE CITY — The Rabbani family left Bangladesh for Michigan in 2015. Golam Rabbani, who worked as a human rights lawyer, said they enjoyed a similar culture and language as India.

If Santa brought you kitchen tools for Christmas, you may already be using them to ease and enhance your cooking skills … or maybe you scratched your head and tossed them into the back cupboard.

ACME — From the welcoming Sparkle in My Rye cocktail to the liquid Good Night Kiss finale, the Celebrity Bourbon Pairing event will tantalize the senses.

I love butter. It is a bit of a family joke how much I love it. One year, my daughter made a “butter chart” to keep track of how much butter we used in a year. I won’t tell you how much but compared to countries with the highest annual consumption rates, we were right up there. This year, wh…

For a quick and satisfying meal nothing beats a box of Barilla or DeCecco boiled to a tooth-resisting al dente and kissed with butter and cheese. However, with Christmas looming you might want something more festive, maybe even something extraordinary.

TRAVERSE CITY — Andy Elliott and his wife Emily Stewart moved to northern Michigan in May 2018, but already they are involved with the local food scene through their start-up Modern Bird Bakery.

I was talking sauces with my friend, Steve, the other day and he told me that hollandaise always comes to mind this time of year. I’m naturally curious and take the bait.

TRAVERSE CITY — The juice pressed from grapes winemaker Brian Hosmer and his team picked this week is thicker than normal grape juice — it’s not quite the consistency of maple syrup — and much sweeter.

My parents were immigrants from Eastern Europe. In 1929, at age 10, my father came to Detroit from Czechoslovakia with his parents and two brothers. My mother left her parents’ farm in western Ukraine via Gdansk and London to Detroit in 1938, shortly before World World II broke out. She was 19.

The sun is trying to peep through the fog. It is very foggy this morning and visibility isn’t very good. The fog light on top of the bus was bright, though, when Kevin left for school. I always pray that everyone will be safe as they leave for work and school on foggy mornings like today.

The leaves are not all off our trees yet. We didn’t get around to raking up the ones on the ground, either. “Old Man Winter” arrived before we were prepared. In the last few days it snowed and snowed. I would guess that we received about eight more inches of snow. This morning the temperatur…

I am driving along the bay, the sun emerging as a thick red line pushing the blanket of night away. As I approach the cabin, I see men, women and children dancing around a bonfire. I am surprised by the noise: shouldn’t they be quiet? They’ll scare away the deer. As I walk towards them, I he…

The ground had a thin layer of snow this morning. Our leaves are still not raked up. Maybe snow will cover them. Out of sight — out of mind. I’m just not ready for snow but we will take whatever the good Lord sends our way. Snowflakes are lightly falling as I write this.

I miss Gourmet magazine. The glossy photos, globe-spanning recipes, and writing from the likes of James Beard, M.F.K. Fisher, and Madhur Jaffrey (and yes, the endless ads for luxury lifestyle items I would never be able to afford) all combined to create a world apart from the day-to-day tedi…

As a child, perhaps your first taste of cinnamon was Red-Hots candy. Maybe you remember first experiencing the fragrant spice at the local cider mill while eating a cinnamon and sugar-crusted doughnut? Late bloomers might have had to wait for a first wedge of pumpkin pie to participate in th…

TRAVERSE CITY — There’s a lot of craft beer makers in Traverse City.

Thanksgiving is this self-proclaimed foodie’s dream meal. Not only are there many dishes served, there is opportunity: for the traditional and the experimental, for recipes that are made reverently once a year and for inviting friends new and old to join the family table. Yes, I know the hol…

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