Canpagne rosé wine.

ELK RAPIDS — Superfluid Supply Company, sister company to Short’s Brewing, has introduced canned rosé wine.

Marketed as Canpagne, the wine is made from 100% California grapes, according to a release, and is a “pale salmon color with a hint of tropical fruit and red berry on the nose.”

The product will be available at Short’s Pub in Bellaire and at the company’s tasting room in Elk Rapids.

Cans will also be available in retail outlets across Michigan and is being distributed by Imperial Beverage.

Superfluid plans to release a second Canpagne, a white wine, in 2021.

“We made Canpagne a few years back as sort of a joke,” Scott Newman-Bale, CEO of Superfluid and Short’s Brewing, said in the release.

“At the time, it was a blend of cider and wine and we served it in a paper bag. People loved it and loved the name, so we decided to get serious and have worked with a California Vintner to develop a custom blend of grapes for a high-quality product.”

Cans offer low risk of wine oxidation, good shelf stability, are easy to recycle, and the 375ml can contains exactly two glasses of wine, said Newman-Bale.

“Since 2002, our experience as wine makers, brokers, and sellers, have led us to this fantastic project,” Ovid Battat, California-based project partner and collaborator said in the release.

“We have been working on this for quite a while and are so pleased with the result ... a delightfully refreshing, crisp rosé wine with a perfectly balanced level of carbonation and acidity that can be enjoyed right out of the can or your favorite wine glass.”

Short’s Brewing Co. was established in 2004 by Joe Short.

The company created Starcut Ciders in 2014 and Beaches Hard Seltzer in 2019.

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