The logo for The Butcher’s Block by Maxbauer, scheduled for a May opening at 425 W. South Airport Road.

TRAVERSE CITY — After 108 years, it’s time for a second location.

Maxbauer’s Meat Market, which started in 1913, will open a second location this spring at 425 W. South Airport Road. The Butcher’s Block by Maxbauer is targeting a May opening.

Co-owner Stephanie Wilson said Maxbauer’s has doubled its revenue in the seven years since she and husband Mark Wilson, who serves as the lead butcher, bought the market at 407 S. Union St. in August 2012.

Add in a successful 2020 and Maxbauer’s needed to expand.

“Our growth has been about twice the industry average in 2020,” Stephanie Wilson said. “We were able to pivot very quickly. We were never out of any product and we never put any limits on our products.

“We clearly have been in need of another location and the customers have certainly been asking for it for a long time.”

Stephanie Wilson, the voice behind The Butcher’s Wife tips and suggestions, said the new location will offer ease and convenience on a busy South Airport corridor.

“I love Old Town and I love our location, but it will be easier to get in and out of,” she said, adding that some customers said the current location was out of the way for them.

The Butcher’s Block by Maxbauer will offer “a self-serve set up with pre-packaged meats and (cashless) self-checkout.”

The Butcher’s Block will carry beef, poultry, fish, sausage, jerky and other smoked items. Craft and domestic beer and other food and pantry staples will also be available. The self-serve aspect may be attractive to some reluctant to visit a full-service butcher.

“We think that could be intimidating to some people.”

Stephanie Wilson said the building that will house The Butcher’s Block measures 6,000 square feet, including some offices at the front. She said Maxbauer’s will use 4,000 square feet for production and cold storage, which will service the South Airport Road and Union Street locations, as well as an e-commerce division scheduled to begin operation in the next couple of weeks.

Maxbauer announced an e-commerce page coming to, allowing for products to be ordered online and shipped to a customer’s door.

“Whether it’s talking to a butcher at the Union Street store, grabbing a pack of chicken on your way home from The Butcher’s Block, or ordering your favorite beef jerky from the comfort of your home, our goal is to make high-quality meat products more available to everyone,” co-owner and lead butcher Mark Wilson said in a release. “The experience doesn’t just stop there. “We want customers to be proud of the product they purchase as well as be educated on how to use products appropriately by the time it reaches their tables.”

Stephanie Wilson said The Butcher’s Block will offer the same quality products as the original store in about 1,400 square feet of retail space.

“It’ll be convenient,” she said. “Come in, shop, pay, leave.”

The Wilsons said the second location will allow Maxbauer’s to continue making community contributions. Maxbauer’s has donated more than 200,000 pounds of protein to more than 70 pantries and kitchens through the Northwest Food Coalition, they said.

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