Remember May? The month just past? May is many things, to many people. The real beginning of spring, flowers blooming, all that.

May is a month of celebrations: It is Michigan Wine Month, celebrating the wines of Michigan, and — entirely coincidentally, Mawby Month, celebrating Mawbyness and all things Mawby. This year, Rosé all May was a celebration of local rosé wines.

Rosé all May called attention to the pink wines of the region; dry pink, sweet pink, sparkling pink, every sort of pink wine. Every hue of pink, from salmon to cherry. So much pink, but never enough pinkishness; so pretty, so good, so much fun.

Now, you may be asking, why am I reading about this in June? I come to the newspaper for news, information that is important to me, not old history.

Well, I’m here to tell you a secret. It won’t be a secret for much longer (only a few more teasing phrases — I promise), then I shall reveal to you a great secret, a secret about rosé wines.

Ready? Here it is: Rosé wines may be enjoyed all year. Astounded? I know — most people think of rosés as summer wines. They are that, but they are so much more than simply spring and summer drinks.

Rose all May can be, should be, just the beginning of your exploration of pink. Start by thinking rosé all day.

Brunch? What is better to begin a brunch than a lovely glass of crisp dry rosé, bubbly or still? And not only to begin, enjoy that rosé throughout the brunch.

Not brunching? Lunch becomes luncheon with a glass of rosé. Enhance your life, simply, easily, by enjoying rosé with lunch.

Too early in the day?

OK — late afternoon, quiet time, sit with a friend and share a glass of rosé as you review the events of the the day, and prepare for the evening.

With your evening meal, a rosé is perfect. Entertaining friends? Greet them with a glass of rosé — sparkling, of course.

And as the sun sets on the day, the sky reminds you that rosé all day is the way to play the game of life. Sunsets in December are just as joyous as those in May, just as pink, and just as suggestive of the sunrise to come tomorrow.

You see how this secret, once known and acted upon, makes life beautiful: You are, indeed, in the pink. As some would say.

Of course, rosé all day implies rosé in any season, for any reason. Thus fulfilling the promise of the secret that rosé may be enjoyed all year.

Have you noticed that I am excited about rosé wine? The thought of rosé wine has lightened my mind, brightened my day. This is exactly what rosé is meant for. Lightening, brightening the mood. I know, you want me to say something about how rosé wine excels in helping us express our joie de vivre — but I will resist.

This message brought to you in the public service by those who know the secret: Rosé, all day, all year. Enjoy the pink.

Larry Mawby, now retired, founded L. Mawby Vineyards in Suttons Bay. Contact him at

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