TRAVERSE CITY — Friday morning’s off-again, on-again scheduled meeting of the Traverse City Downtown Development Authority was canceled Thursday afternoon.

The remote meeting — held on the third Friday of the month — was listed as canceled earlier this week. The cancelation was later removed and the 8 a.m. Friday meeting appeared back on again Thursday morning before it was again canceled later in the day.

The meeting was rescheduled to Oct. 23.

DDA CEO Jean Derenzy said the decision to meet via Zoom hinged on whether Michigan could reinstate rules, previously allowed under an executive order from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, allowing local governments to meet virtually.

The Michigan Supreme Court ruled for the second time on Monday that most of Whitmer’s emergency orders were based on an unconstitutional law, and ruled again Monday that those orders were no longer effective.

Derenzy anticipated the DDA meeting would be back on when she talked Thursday morning previewing a busy agenda. Included in the online packet was discussion of a settlement agreement to ensure accessibility of a boardwalk along the Boardman River.

The boardwalk from the Union Street Bridge to the Uptown Development was not totally compliant with the American with Disabilities Act and the settlement scheduled for adoption aimed to correct the issue. The settlement is with contractors Gourdie Fraser, Elmer’s and Spence Brothers.

In the agreement outlined in the DDA meeting packet, the city nor the DDA “will incur any additional costs for this corrective work.” The two main areas outlined as not being ADA compliant were the stairs at the South Union Street Bridge and a ramp from the surface parking lot near the Post Office.

The memo adds the DDA and the city have been working on the settlement with for “several months.” Under the proposed settlement, the DDA would pay Gourdie Fraser a past-due balance of $9,101 when the deal is signed and the contract balance remaining of $10,831 on completion of the work.

“We knew we needed to get this corrected,” Derenzy said Thursday morning, adding the three contractors have been great to work with to correct the issue.

The settlement agreement is one of several infrastructure discussions on the DDA agenda.

The DDA was also scheduled to discuss making a request for proposals for new streetscapes along East Front Street. The stretch of Front Street from Grandview Parkway to Park Street would receive “a reconstructed street, new curbs and sidewalks and light poles as well as trees, benches and bike racks.”

“We need to get the costs associated with what the infrastructure will look like,” Derenzy said, adding renovations also need to coincide with Michigan Department of Transportation work on Grandview Parkway planned for 2023.

The DDA was also expected to address having the Smith Group do a more detailed site assessment of southern edge of the Boardman River between Park and Union Streets. The proposed contract with Smith Group, which completed a visual inspection of the retaining wall in June, would be for $79,190 paid for by both the city ($32,935) and the DDA ($46,255).

The memo said the “stabilization effort will mitigate any potential compromise to the sewer main and set the foundation for what could be on the Lower Boardman.”

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