TRAVERSE CITY — Downtown Development Authority CEO Jean Derenzy received a contract extension and a performance evaluation at its monthly meeting Friday morning.

A three-year contract extension for Derenzy was approved as one of the new business items on the agenda, which also included a closed session to discuss her annual evaluation later in the meeting.

Derenzy received a three-year contract extension with a salary of $104,000, effective March 1, 2021 through 2024. Any potential annual increases will be based on a review of market data.

Derenzy was paid $85,000 in 2018 and given a raise to $90,100 for 2019. She did not receive a salary increase in 2020.

Mayor Jim Carruthers questioned the contract extension coming before the closed session evaluation, which was a late addition to the agenda.

“I have no problem with working on this contract renewal,” Carruthers said. “I know it’s been delayed. My only concern is the timing. I think we need to be going into our discussions on Jean’s review before we do this. I just thought it was a little lopsided that we would be talking about her review and then talking about the contract.

“I don’t have a problem with this. My problem is with the timing on the agenda. I think we needed to go with the review process first.”

DDA Board Chairman Gabe Schneider said the contract extension is not based on performance this year. Schneider said the governance committee was supposed to extend the contract before the annual performance review was underway by the full board.

“It’s almost unfortunate timing that they should coincide on the same day at the same meeting,” said Schneider, who added he didn’t want to delay the extension any further. “That was not our intent.”

The DDA board went into closed session to discuss Derenzy’s performance review at the CEO’s request.

Derenzy’s review — and another closed session to discuss a potential property purchase by the DDA — lasted a total of 57 minutes.

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