— Shuman Property Services, Paul Shuman, 3850 Morningside Drive, Traverse City

— Traverse City Hemp, Aaron Grenchik, 238 E. 10th St., Traverse City

— Mr. Munchies, Ibrahim Ibrahim, 635 N. South Long Lake Road, Traverse City

— Paul's Painting Service, Paul Foltz, 11576 U.S. Highway 31, Interlochen

— New Possibilities Painting, Benjamin Heuser, 807 Baldwin St., Traverse City

— Clean and Friendly, Casandra Monroe and Jason Helfrich, 2232 Leisure Lane, Traverse City

— Around Tuit Cleaning, Paige Wright and Kristine Hall, 750 Denie Lane, Traverse City

— Bolt, Glen Kendall Jr., 6671 M-72 East, Williamsburg

— Belle Photography, Dan Dinsmore, 2991 Voice Road, Kingsley

— SJH Contracting, Scott Hughes, 1021 Centre St., Apartment 10, Traverse City

— Up North Marine & Diesel Mobile Services, Douglas Zachariah, 3417 Scenic Hills Drive, Williamsburg

— WGJ Associates, William Janis, 7021 Leorie Drive, Traverse City

— Tilley's Plowing & Maintenance, Joseph Maslowski, 412 W. 16th St., Traverse City

— GTA Treasure Hunters, Gary Atkinson, 11474 Riley Road, Interlochen

— Ashley Bassett Photography, Ashley Bassett, 5341 Fife Lake Road, Fife Lake

— Cathy Cook, Bookkeeper, Catherine Cook, 3688 Courtney Place, Traverse City

— Janet McGee Court Reporting, Janet McGee, 3216 English Woods Dr., Traverse City

— House of Pagan Pride Rendezvous Trainers, Michael Grewe and Selene Grewe, 116 S. West Silver Lake Road, Traverse City

— Herb Shop (The), Jo Ann Snyder, 822 Cass St., Traverse City

— Watz Typesetting & Desktop Publishing, Frank Watz, 649 E. Silver Lake Road North, Traverse City

— IAA 69-72, Lawrence Probes, 385 North St., Traverse City

— All The Way Up, Nathan Griffiths, 1237 Bass Lake Road, Traverse City

— KP's Entertainment, Kendra Pickard, 1655 East Brentwood St., Grawn

— First Look Builders, Edmond Bridges, 1950 Sawyer Road, Traverse City