When I was in school, it was a common English class assignment to write letters to our future selves. I vaguely remember doing it, although the future Ford I wrote the letter to was probably the 25-year-old me, not the 60-something one.

It can be easy to put ourselves down for not doing big things. We might see others on social media sharing about their big promotions or vacations, or see friends training for marathons. We may be excited for those individuals but at the same time might look down on ourselves for not doing t…

As if it needed another distinction, the year 2020 will go down in my book as the year that numbers were no longer just numbers. During these days of pandemic uncertainty and political absurdity the weaponization of seemingly every individual’s grasp on “the numbers” has never been worse.

‘In memory of my parents, who took their little girl into the voting booth, let her pull the magic curtain, and taught me to treasure my right to vote.” — Elaine Weiss, “The Woman’s Hour: The Great Fight To Win The Vote”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Gloria Steinem, and Rachel Carson are all easily identified with their causes. Does the disability rights movement have a universally recognized leader?

In the throes of so many things that my brothers, my dad, and I worked together on when I was a kid, that phrase usually became part of the project. Stacking some wood, digging a hole, cleaning out a garage or anything that might require the least bit of organization required it. Dad was a c…

Whether you have been with your spouse for 2 years or 20 years, it’s normal to hit a period of boredom in your relationship.

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