Have you ever noticed that it’s really hard to change? There are a number of reasons for this — your brain gets hardwired, we like habits, we want to predict the future so we stick with what we know — but it’s actually far more simple than these answers given by neuroscience.

TRAVERSE CITY — Answer: Grace Community Birth Center, a Traverse City nonprofit working to construct a birth center in Grand Bassin, Haiti.

TRAVERSE CITY — Teddy Huff isn’t a “super religious" person but a recent visit to St. Peter’s Basilica, one of the world’s holiest Catholic shrines, made him think about the cultural system in a less abstract way.

My father, Ron, loved toys. He was interested in everything from antiques to the newest electronics, though he primarily collected lead soldiers. He showed me how toys can inform us about our collective history and reconnect us to our childhoods. Mainly, he demonstrated that toys are fun at …

The caption under the small black and white photo in the December 5, 2018 Record-Eagle read, “Mark Vosters, left, and Jacob Baynton, working for Team Elmers, prepare to remove a tree from the banks of the Boardman River in Traverse City on Wednesday morning. The two started working at 7 a.m.…

TRAVERSE CITY — Eyes may be the window to the soul, but a recent study further solidifies the link between mouth and body.

TRAVERSE CITY — Kristy McDonald’s Northwestern Michigan College class offers food for thought — in more ways than one.

TRAVERSE CITY — Have your blood pressure checked at the Traverse City Senior Center.

TRAVERSE CITY — Traverse City business owner Jennifer Stoll said she prepared her kids for the workforce at home, but she also wanted to help other people with disabilities obtain jobs.

Our family wasn’t a nickname giving kind of sort. I mean, we had them from time to time as more situational than anything else, but nobody today in our family has a nickname that they picked up as a kid. My sister spilled some stuff and was called “Messy Bessie” for a little while, one of my…

TRAVERSE CITY — The smell of salt calls forth ocean surf. Soft, flickering lights mimic a beachside campfire and if you close your eyes, the salt floor underfoot is coarse sand.

LAKE ANN — Ben and Luke Goodhue can’t wait for the last day of school — but for a different reason than their classmates.

TRAVERSE CITY — When Valerio Ortiz Jr. walks across the stage in cap and gown today to accept his high school diploma, his family, teachers and other advocates will be there to cheer him on.

TRAVERSE CITY — Tina Soyring’s eyes scan the park on every walk, seeking out a familiar blue chair. Tammy Lynch finds solace in doing the same.

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