1. Last Chance U: A look inside the world of junior college football that chronicles the stories of players and coaches in the classroom and on the field. Rated TV-MA.

2. The Hater: A disgraced law student works for a public relations firm involved with political smear tactics and the online spread of hatred and disinformation.

3. The Umbrella Academy: A family of former child heroes, now grown apart, must reunite to continue protecting the world. Rated TV-14.

4. Seriously Single: A romantic comedy about an unlucky-in-love young woman whose best friend helps her embrace the single life after yet another failed relationship.


1. 2099: The Soldier Protocol: A paraplegic soldier volunteers for an experiment that gives him back the use of his legs but could cost him his life.

2. Maxxx: A disgraced former boy band star is determined to restart his career and win back his now-famous ex-girlfriend in this comedy series.

3. In My Skin: A series about a 16-year-old girl who tries to hide the truth about her mother’s mental health issues and resulting chaotic home life from her friends.

4. Bull: This drama from first-time feature film director Annie Silverstein follows conflict between a wayward teen and her neighbor, a washed-up bullfighter, in a near-abandoned subdivision near Houston.

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1. If You Give A Mouse A Cookie: This animated series is based on the books by Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond. Rated TV-Y.

2. The Fosters: Teen drama about a lesbian couple — a police officer and a school vice principal — raising five children in San Diego. Rated TV-14.

3. Shakuntala Devi: Human Computer: A biographical drama about the life of an Indian mathematical prodigy nicknamed “Human Computer” for her ability to solve complex problems without any mechanical aid.

4. Animal Kingdom: A southern California family’s excessive lifestyle is fueled by criminal activities. Rated TV-MA.


1. Upside-Down Magic: A Disney Channel original movie about a 13-year-old who discovers she can flux into animals and her best friend can manipulate flames.

2. Black Is King: Visual album from Beyonce inspired by “The Lion King.” Rated TV-14.

3. Muppets Now: As a new Muppet series gets ready for streaming, Scooter rushes to deliver the episodes, navigating obstacles, distractions and complications that the rest of the Muppet gang throw at him.

4. Alaska Animal Rescue: When animals are injured or orphaned in Alaska, first responders, veterinarians and animal caretakers step in to help.