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This image released by Neon shows Alfre Woodard in a scene from “Clemency.” Woodard gives a career performance as a death row prison warden on the eve of another execution in this shattering drama about the psychological trauma of the job.


1. “Eric Andre: Legalize Everything:” In his first Netflix special, the Florida-born talk-show host and comic gives his take on the war on drugs, the war on sex and the war on fart jokes in this stand-up performance recorded in Nov. 2019 at Republic Nola in New Orleans.

2. “Athlete A:” Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk (“An Inconvenient Sequel”) directed this documentary that follows reporters from the Indianapolis Star as they uncover more evidence of abuse of young women on the USA Gymnastics team by team doctor Larry Nassar.

3. “Crazy Delicious:” From Great Britain comes this six-episode cooking competition series that tasks contestants with jazzing up typical weekly family meals with ingredients taken from the show’s edible set. The winner, as determined by judges Carla Hall, Niklas Ekstedt and Heston Blumenthal, receives a golden apple.

4. “Home Game:” From voodoo wrestling in the Congo to roller derby in Texas, this inspirational documentary series looks at unique and dangerous sports from around the world and the cultures and communities in which they thrive.


1.“A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood:” Tom Hanks earned an Academy Award nomination as best supporting actor for his portrayal of beloved children’s TV host Fred Rogers in Marielle Heller’s poignant 2019 biographical drama inspired by an Esquire magazine article. Matthew Rhys stars as a cynical magazine journalist with profound daddy issues, who accepts an assignment to profile Rogers with the intent of exposing the latter as a fraud whose avuncular persona is just a gimmick.

2. “Brockmire:” All four seasons of this very funny IFC comedy about a famed baseball play-byplay man (Hank Azaria) who attempts to pick himself back up after a very embarrassing public meltdown comes to the streaming service. Amanda Peet and Tyrel Jackson Williams are also in the cast.

3. “Clemency:” The psychological toll of her job brings itself to bear on a prison warden (Alfre Woodard) who must face personal demons as she prepares to execute another inmate in this 2019 drama that won the U.S. Dramatic Grand Jury Prize that year at Sundance. Richard Schiff, Danielle Brooks, Aldis Hodge and Wendell Pierce are also in the solid cast for director Chinonye Chukwu (“AlaskaLand”).

4. “Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and The Band:” This documentary from Daniel Roher (“Ghosts of Our Forests”) is a revealing, cautionary and at times humorous tale of the creation of The Band, one of the more influential groups of its time. It’s also a chronicle of the early life of its driving creative force and lead guitarist, Robertson.

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1. “Gina Brillon: The Floor Is Lava:” The Bronx-born Latina comic pulls no punches as she discusses her childhood, culture and her transition from single life to marriage to her Midwestern husband in her third stand-up special, recorded in December 2019 at El Teatro at El Museo del Barrio in New York City.

2. “7500:” A young co-pilot (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, “50/50”) faces an excruciating test when terrorists threaten to kill passengers aboard a Berlin-to-Paris flight unless he lets them into the cockpit in this thriller movie from first-time feature filmmaker Patrick Vollrath. Omid Memar, Carlo Kitzlinger and Max Schimmelpfennig also star.

3. “Pete the Cat:” Season 2 of this animated kids series finds Pete and his pals in more musical adventures, including rocking out in their band, climbing Cat Meowtain and solving the mystery of what goes honk in the night. Whether it’s Grumpy learning he’s going to have a baby brother or Callie losing her voice, it is certain the blue cat and his friends will be able to tackle whatever challenge comes their way.

4. “Guns Akimbo:” Danielle Radcliffe takes a major departure from his Harry Potter persona to star in this 2019 action comedy about a guy who relies on his newly acquired gladiator skills to save his girlfriend from kidnappers. Samara Weaving, Mark Rowley, Rhys Darby and Ned Dennehy are also in the cast for director Jason Lei Howden (“Deathgasm”).


1. Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian Finale Episode 108 – “Connections” Jon and Dave look back at some of the Star Wars characters and props that made their way into “The Mandalorian.”

2. “Fantastic Four:” Four young outsiders teleport to a dangerous universe, which alters their physical form in shocking ways. Their lives irrevocably upended, the team must learn to harness their daunting new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy.

3. “101 Dalmatians:” This show features the life of three Dalmatians, Lucky, Rolly, Cadpig and their chicken friend, Spot. Together, they defend their new home from Cruella DeVil and have all sorts of crazy adventures.

4. “Egypt’s Treasure Guardians:” Egypt is home to many famous archaeological treasures on Earth, but the country’s history does more than just inspire awe: it has given rise to an entire industry. Thousands of archaeologists descend on Egypt every year to search for new discoveries; tens of thousands of Egyptians are enlisted to uncover, preserve, and protect the land’s ancient artifacts and monuments; and millions of visitors journey from all over the world to visit the country’s iconic pyramids, tombs, and temples.