TRAVERSE CITY — Patty PerShayla concedes that during her frequent solo appearances — from venues in Grand Rapids and Holland to Iron Fish Distillery in Thompsonville — her music has exuded an Americana and folk flavor.

But as frontwoman for Patty PerShayla & The Mayhaps, it’s all gritty, bluesy, rock ‘n’ roll swagger.

The Grand Rapids band’s infectious, fist-pumping anthems on its debut EP, “Good With Words ’n’ S—t,” represent what’ has made fans turn heads whenever the fiery singer and multi-instrumentalist performs.

With “classic rock-inspired riffs” inspired partly by The Pretenders, Grace Potter and The Black Keys, Pershayla, guitarist Lucas Powell and drummer Alec Klinefelter have found a groove that so many bands crave.

“We try to pack a lot of punch for three people and boast our small but mighty rhythm section,” PerShayla said of the EP released digitally online Oct. 2.

“Lucas composed many of these songs with me in our last project, “Talk Radio,” but Alec polished them a little more and gave them some more groove. … As a three-piece, I think we just really enjoy goofing off together. They keep me from taking myself too seriously.”

Lyrically, PerShayla sounds pretty serious on much of the EP, which essentially represents half of a full-length album the band originally had planned to release in 2020 until the pandemic upset the apple cart.

For PerShayla, operating as a power trio gives the band the space it needs to flaunt its music.

“I really love that there’s not a bunch of people in this band,” the bassist said. “Lucas fills up so much space and I don’t know what I would do with myself if there was another guitarist in this mix.”

Recorded at the all-analog Goon Lagoon studio in Grand Rapids, the EP and upcoming full-length album also resonate with the warmth and the textures that PerShayla was seeking because the band plans to eventually release the project on vinyl.

While the coronavirus has altered The Mayhaps’ performances and EP promotion plans, PerShayla has high hopes for a formal release party and touring come 2021, including concert venues in northern Michigan.

“Ultimately, we decided to stop gigging until large gatherings are safe,” she said.

“This EP was supposed to be a full-length vinyl release with a performance at Elevation (in The Intersection) but we adapted it into a digital preview this year, with a follow-up record to be released when we can have a big celebration for it. At that time, we aim to tour the East Coast and, ideally, some spots in Europe.”

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