Jesse Ray and the Carolina Catfish phots

Jesse Ray and the Carolina Catfish play the Beaver Island Music Festival July 18 and 19.

BEAVER ISLAND — The Beaver Island Music Festival website proudly flaunts a quote from an attendee who proclaims it’s the “best place on planet earth.”

Some musicians who’ve played the unique celebration on the island in the middle of northern Lake Michigan might even go one better.

“First off, the level of production brought to a festival that far off the grid is beyond impressive,” said guitarist and singer Jesse Ray Cahue of Grand Rapids’ Jesse Ray and The Carolina Catfish, an “old-school rock” duo which returns to the Beaver Island Music Festival this weekend.

Cahue raved about chief festival organizer Carol Burton who “has all of her ducks in a row and knows how to keep them there. She is organized and you can tell her primary goal is comfort and positivity for the campers and artists.”

He added: “I think the best part in my eyes is how magical it is. You’ve just got to go there.”

Several hundred will, indeed, go there — via ferry — for a growing music festival that features national touring artists such as Falling Through April, Hymn for Her, ClusterPluck and Moonbeau as well as Michigan acts The Bootstrap Boys, Escaping Pavement, Bigfoot Buffalo, The Hacky Turtles and Traverse City’s own G-Snacks.

Weekend tickets are $95 for adults and $85 fpr seniors and teens; day passes cost $35-$40. Attendees also must purchase ferry or flight tickets for transportation to the island, which is located 32 miles offshore Charlevoix.

Jesse Ray and The Carolina Catfish will play a few times over the weekend, including a set at 11:15 p.m. today.

For Cahue and drummer Brando “Dingo” Hopp, it’s just part of a hectic summer of touring behind a brand new studio album, “Love & Luck,” that’s already getting lots of attention: The record debuted at No. 1 on the Local Spins Hot Top 5 chart of regional albums getting the most airplay on Grand Rapids radio station WYCE-FM in June, and ranked No. 2 in airplay among all albums, local or national.

In addition to playing Beaver Island this summer, the rockabilly and raw blues duo will play Lake Orion’s Tommystock Festival, Wisconsin’s Mile of Music Festival, Caledonia’s Cowpie Music Festival and Brooklyn’s Holler Fest before appearing at Union Street Station in Traverse City on Aug. 30.

“We’re just going for it, rockin’ and rollin,’ ” Cahue said, noting the band renowned for its raucous, high-energy live shows is dedicated to music full-time these days. “Still motivated, totally still crazy for sure.”

The band is also committed to the two-man approach as it continues to tour the country.

“It’s just easy, plain and simple,” Cahue offered. “It’s nice because when we want to practice, I just have to send one text.”

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