If you are over 45, there’s a good chance the phrase, “The Golden Girls,” quickly generates a memory of one of the women from the 1980s hit show — “The Golden Girls.”

Rue McClanahan portrayed man-crazed Southern belle Blanche Devereaux, owner of the house she lived in and rented out to her three roommates and best friends: Dorothy Zbornak (Beatrice Arthur), Rose Nylund (Betty White), and Sophia Petrillo (Estelle Getty).

It originally aired on NBC from September 1985 to May 1992, with 180 episodes spanning seven seasons. The show won several awards including the primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series — twice. It also won three Golden Globe Awards for Best Television Series –- Musical or Comedy. It’s safe to say it had a good run.

Let’s fast forward to 2010. This may be when The Golden Girls resurgence started and hit the radar of those “under 45.” Chances are high you can recall the Snickers 2010 Super Bowl commercial with Betty White. Remember the hangry football player who gets laid out by a guy and when they return to huddle one player tells the man we see as Betty White that he’s “playing like Betty White?”

A girl brings Betty a Snickers and tells her to eat it because “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” After he eats the Snickers he turns back into the man he is because Snickers fixed his hunger.

This put The Golden Girls back on our radars. Many people now use the premise of this ad campaign as a joke and in normal conversation.

New York City was destined to catch on to the new generation’s rising interest in the golden four-pack. By 2016, “That Golden Girls Show – A Puppet Parody” opened Off Broadway. “Avenue Q,” an adult parody of Sesame Street featuring puppets and actors had changed the notion that puppets were for kids. “Avenue Q” won triple Tony awards –- Best Score, Best Book, Best Musical — in 2004, running for 16 years (2003 – 2019).

In 2017, a Golden Girls inspired restaurant, Rue La Rue, opened to much press on Broadway in NYC. The café featured memorabilia ranging from McClanahan’s 1987 Emmy Award to a colorful collection of costumes, photographs and kitsch.

Of course, they served cheesecake.

In August, an Ardmore, Oklahoma Airbnb rental made national news. Fans of the beloved sitcom can now rent Blanche’s house. The themed house pays homage to the show and Rue McClanahan who grew up in Ardmore.

Just last week, Target launched Golden Girls costumes for Halloween 2019.

It’s not a stretch to say the ‘80s are trending. Here’s your chance to sit back and settle into that sassy 1980s house in Miami.

“That Golden Girls Show! A Puppet Parody” comes to City Opera House on Nov. 6. The show parodies classic Golden Girls moments — with puppets. From Sophia’s get-rich-quick schemes, to Rose’s tales from St Olaf, Blanche’s insatiable hunt for men and the Fountain of Youth, and Dorothy’s daily struggle to make sense of her life. Get set for an evening of cheesecake, laughter, jazzercise, shoulder pads, sex, and the elegant art of the quick-witted put-down.

Feeling extra nostalgic? Stop by Target and come as your favorite character.

Kristi Dockter is the director of marketing at City Opera House and can be reached at marketing@cityoperahouse.org. Self-guided tours are available from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday (except on performance days). Learn more at cityoperahouse.org.

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