Every once in a while, a play really moves me. Not often these days, because I am too critical of what I am seeing.

On the Record

Hard to believe it has been almost two months since the publication of the Afghanistan Papers, the confidential reports obtained by the Washington Post that described, in stunning new detail, the mismanagement of a war that has now spanned three decades and three U.S. administrations.

A walk to the library. Sidestepping on Fifth Avenue on a day of frigid cutting brine air typical of New York City. Past the great marble lions named Patience and Fortitude by redoubtable Mayor Laguardia during the Great Depression.

New Year’s resolutions — promises made to improve one’s well-being — seem to be a thing of the past. I can’t think of anyone who actually makes such commitments anymore. Yes, it’s true, we could all eat better, work out more, and step out of our comfort zones more often. I personally don’t a…

Like many latecomers to “Schitt’s Creek” — the Canadian comedy series that’s lately become a sleeper streaming hit — I had been hearing for years how good it was, but could never muster enough time or interest to seek it out on its home channel of Pop TV, because what is that, exactly?

TRAVERSE CITY — Founding a professional theater company in Traverse City 10 years ago was a risky venture for Kit McKay and Erin Anderson Whiting.

In a New York Times story leading up to the release of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” director J.J. Abrams said, frankly, “I’ve never been great at endings” — precisely the sort of confidence you want to hear from the person tasked with wrapping up a blockbuster nine-film saga that has …

TRAVERSE CITY — Fleda Brown’s book of Elvis Presley-centric poetry came out in 2004, so when Bob Chelmick reached out asking to use her work in an episode of his radio show, it was a surprise.

A new year, a new decade and a new calendar. It’s a clean slate ahead. How are you setting your course this year? Are you going big and targeting a life-changing shift? Are you committed to doing more? Being more adventurous? Expanding your mind? Getting involved in the community?

We’re announcing our new season today, marking 10 years of “great stories/great conversations.” It feels like the right time to share with you the skinny of just how we come up with our author line-ups.

I found Honey the way anyone finds anyone — while scrolling mindlessly through my phone. When you start telling people you’re interested in adopting a dog, social media suddenly inundates you with shelter animals looking for homes.

TRAVERSE CITY — It was at a surprise book party celebrating Doug Stanton’s completion of a national book tour for “Horse Soldiers” that the idea sparked to life.

Oceans will rise, cities will burn, empires will collapse and one day a ceaseless wind will erode the rubble of humankind’s achievements and follies into a fine dust. And yet, in the empty vastness of the cosmos, a disembodied voice will ring out. “I don’t want a lot for Christmas,” it will …

As everyone has their holiday hats on, and “ELF, the Musical” is closing a super successful run, my thoughts and energy have already moved forward toward the first quarter of the new year. I will be directing the marvelous and moving play “Silent Sky.”

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