While cold temperatures are making ice, conditions vary around the state and anglers need to use extreme caution. Surface water runoff, creek inflows, and current can all create dangerous ice conditions. Stay away from pressure cracks.

Relaxation is big business. We’re happy to pay for merchandise and experiences that help us escape stress: recliners, sitcoms, trips to Greece, bicycles, beer, guided kayak tours, knitting supplies or whatever else helps you forget the stuff that drives you crazy.

Ed Thirlby of Thirlby Automotive in Traverse City was named to the Michigan Automotive Parts Association 2021 board of directors. Thirlby represents District 1 on the board. MAPA named its officers for 2021, including chairman Greg Phillips, West Branch Automotive; vice chairman Rick Tervo, …

LANSING — More than 13,000 single-family home building permits were issued in the first 11 months of 2020, according to a release from the Home Builders Association of Michigan.


TRAVERSE CITY — Reworking Traverse City’s sidewalk-shoveling ordinance, the subject of a debate among city commissioners that recurs almost as regularly as winter, raises lots of questions that need answering.


TRAVERSE CITY — One of Northwestern Michigan College’s newest trustees is facing misdemeanor charges in connection with a teen party that spiraled out of control at her home.

TRAVERSE CITY — Officers were chosen for the Northwestern Michigan College Board of Trustees at its regular meeting Monday.

TRAVERSE CITY — Students seeking degrees in engineering now can earn more credits at Northwestern Michigan College before transferring to Michigan Technological University to earn their undergraduate degree.


TRAVERSE CITY — Months of restrictions and guidelines aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19 have prompted reactions ranging from praise to grumbling acceptance to protest over what some call infringements on personal liberties.


TRAVERSE CITY — Area educators and school staff will begin receiving the COVID-19 vaccine nearly three weeks after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer gave them the greenlight.

The following continues the list of students named to the fall 2020 dean’s list at Northwestern Michigan College:

The Grand Traverse County Health Department has set up a scheduling “center” on the web for those 1A and 1B individuals eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations. I went to the site and tried to make an appointment. I gave up after it continued to say “no appointments available” all the way through…

Sometime in the past, I imagine you stumbling across a “How to Apologize” article. In his book “On Apology,” Aaron Lazare writes that he analyzed the number of articles published each year and his data suggests that the interest in apologies is on the rise.


TRAVERSE CITY — The tall spires soaring above the Village at Grand Traverse Commons will long stand in tribute to Carol Hale, reminders of the key role she played in saving those buildings from the wrecking ball.

For Jeep enthusiasts, the new Gladiator has tacked on a powerful diesel engine for 2021 that makes off-roading well, an extreme measure that will knock your socks off. That’s not to say that its gasoline sibling does not measure up, it just lacks the grunt that diesel engines inherently offer.

TRAVERSE CITY — Like a lot of things, the first part of 2020 went according to plan — until it didn’t.

TRAVERSE CITY — Forty-two companies in 10 counties received more than $1.28 million for training as part of the state’s Going Pro Talent Fund.


TRAVERSE CITY — Taking government officials to task for decisions that garner excessive legal fees, may seem like a peculiar stand for Frederik Stig-Nielsen to take — he’s an attorney, after all, in private practice.

William O’Brien is filling his new ice house on East Front street with the season’s crop. The building is 110 feet long, 32 wide and 14 feet high, and will hold 1900 tons of the frigid material. The ice is being harvested on Boardman lake and is of excellent quality as all the snow has been kept scraped off the field during the winter, so as to give the weather a chance to freeze the free water. Mr. O’Brien is selling on an average of 30 tons of ice per day to farmers in the vicinity of the city who put up their own crop for the summer’s use.

My friend Lynne delivered a holiday card last month. It contained her advice for surviving the winter by practicing “friluftsliv” (free-loofts-liv,) a Norwegian word meaning “open- air living.”

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